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Event Calendar / Four steps to successful Agile Learning in 2013
Details & Time Frame
Four steps to successful Agile Learning in 2013
In the world of talent management, we’re witnessing a fundamental change in learning – with HR and learning professionals challenged to adapt like never before. Not only is there a backdrop of tough economic times, but there is pressure to deliver new employee skills to the front lines more rapidly, more often and with much greater impact. There is also pressure to embrace a broader range of learning styles via a wider range of technologies. In a recent survey of HR Leaders from across the globe, over a third revealed that they cannot sufficiently prepare their workforce for tomorrow's skills demand, leaving one in three employees feeling insecure in their job as a result. And 75% of HR leaders agree that organizational change is happening globally much faster than just five years ago.

The answer? Our overall approach to learning and the way we deliver it needs to become much more agile if it is to realize its true potential, and keep pace with the speed of change.

HR professionals are being asked to achieve more with much less, and to do it right now. To overcome this challenge, HR leaders need to adopt more agile learning strategies that respond incredibly quickly to change. This session will examine the concept behind Agile Learning, why this new approach is necessary, and the research behind it. The speaker will then move on to look at a practical and theoretical overview of the learning mistakes to leave behind and the Agile approaches to take forward including:

•       How to review your true training needs
•       The pitfalls surrounding learning strategy implementation - and how to avoid them
•       What an agile solution really looks like, and how to deliver it
•       What effective assessment means

01/11/2013 1:30 pm o'clock
01/11/2013 2:30 pm o'clock
Timothy O'Shea

Webcast information

Who should participate:

All HR Professionals

What you will learn:

Please join us as we will be covering the following:
  • What the Agile Learning concept means
  • How to review your true training needs
  • About the pitfalls surrounding learning strategy implementation - and how to avoid them
  • What an effective agile solution really looks like, and how to deliver it
  • What effective assessment means
  • Recommended Resources:

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