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Event Calendar / Five High-Impact Virtual Learning Solutions
Details & Time Frame
Five High-Impact Virtual Learning Solutions
As our industry has evolved, we’ve moved from ‘CBT’ (computer-based-learning) to ‘WBT’ (web-based-learning) to ‘e-learning.’ Now, we are delivering ‘virtual learning.’ The evolution of the terminology represents the evolution of our industry – tools, techniques, and applications are adapting to the way we naturally work and learn. Eventually, it will all be “learning”, and just the location will be categorized.

But for now – what IS virtual learning, and what are the latest solutions that support it? In this session, we’ll provide real examples of how organizations are applying the most cutting edge learning technologies to maximize results. First, some operational definitions will be discussed to provide clarity. The impact of Generational Dynamics on the deployment of learning technologies will be introduced, coupled with a discussion about factors that will impact training cultures over the next five years.

1.       Self-directed media-based learning: Addresses delivery platform versus learning technology, assessment, completion rates, and retention rates.
2.       Social media: Addresses social media as a social learning platform, and management of management of information.
3.       Simulations & Gaming: Addresses Gamification, various types of simulations, and how to create this type of training without a big budget.
4.       Virtual Classrooms: Addresses how virtual classrooms can be used for learning, not just for meetings and presentations. Also discusses advantages of virtual classrooms over traditional classrooms.
5.       Blended Learning: Addresses how to blend the virtual learning solutions together with traditional training solutions to obtain the most impactful training solution.

The session will conclude with a discussion about the challenges that must be considered when implementing a virtual training solution.

01/10/2013 11:00 am o'clock
01/10/2013 12:00 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

Training professionals involved with the design, delivery, and deployment of virtual and blended learning solutions.

What you will learn:

During this session, we will discuss:
  • The impact of Generational Dynamics on virtual learning utilization
  • Definition of and use for five distinct virtual learning solutions
  • How organizations are adapting and using these solutions
  • Advantages and challenges to implementing virtual learning
  • Recommended Resources:

    Training On The Edge: How to Stay Ahead of the Trends For The Next Five Years Click here
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