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Event Calendar / 10 Tips on Sourcing for Hard-to-fill Positions
Details & Time Frame
10 Tips on Sourcing for Hard-to-fill Positions
Dealing with a Hard-to-fill Position may be frustrating. Your company needs the specialist “yesterday”, yet you seem to have exhausted all possible ways to locate the right potential candidates. This presentation offers 10 ways to improve, expand, and streamline uncovering the right talent and making the first-time connections in social networks following the best practices. It should help to make online hunt for professionals less frustrating and more enjoyable and productive.

The first four tips apply before you even start searching for target professionals. Going back and deepening that part of the candidate search process may also help to uncover additional untapped resources. Research and do your homework to identify keyword synonyms, target companies, and less-visited events and membership sites to use in your search. The next three tips offer sharpening your search skills and combining different online resources for candidates pre-qualification. The last three tips cover the best practices on interacting with potential candidates in online social environments and offer advanced ways to automate tracking professionals who may be open to moving on to another company.

The webinar will cover how to use the following technologies as part of your Sourcing Toolbox:

• Keyword Tools • LinkedIn Skills Section • X-Raying Membership Sites • Email Look-up Tools • Advanced Search on LinkedIn • LinkedIn Signal

Do Your Homework
#1 Research Terminology
#2 Find Target Companies
#3 Locate Memberships
#4 Locate Events

Expand Search Results
#5 Use Synonyms
#6 Do Not Use Degrees
#7 Convert Contact Lists into Profiles

Be a Social Recruiter
#8 Represent Your Brand
#9 Personalize Your Messages
#10 Follow Online Activity of Potential Candidates


01/15/2013 2:30 pm o'clock
01/15/2013 3:30 pm o'clock
Irina Shamaeva

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Anyone who is interested in best Sourcing and Online Recruiting Practices

What you will learn:

  • Easy ways to find potential candidates online in less-visited, away from the mainstream sites
  • How to append partial or outdated information about a candidate with data
  • How to set alerts to watch for target professionals open to moving
  • Recommended Resources:

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  • Internet Sourcing Network Click here
  • Blog Click here
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