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Event Calendar / Making Workforce Analytics Stick: Pitfalls, Challenges, and Stick-and-Stay Strategies
Details & Time Frame
Making Workforce Analytics Stick: Pitfalls, Challenges, and Stick-and-Stay Strategies
Organizations continue to evolve in their workforce decision making processes, no longer regarding employees solely as costs to the business, but rather as talent to be managed and developed for the benefit of all. The same processes and logic that have historically been used to resolve issues and reporting purposes for the sales and finance functions now extend to the workforce-related decision making areas of HR. The value of borrowing data driven-decision making processes from other functions is clear, however embedding these practices in the culture of HR as part of your Workforce Analytics program continues to be a challenge.

Workforce Analytics is often described as a journey, due in part to the many ebbs and flows that occur as programs become more mature. Several pitfalls are common for organizations when first launching a Workforce Analytics program, and should be considered during the strategic deployment planning phase. However, often the “stickiness factor” in year two or three proves to be equally challenging, acting as a barrier to successful adoption and program sustainability. Still, the fact remains that if your organization is not using workforce analytics to drive talent decisions, it is far too easy to fall behind your peers — and risk losing your competitive edge.

In this session, you will learn best practice methods for jump-starting your organization’s Workforce Analytics program, as well as creative means for ensuring the business is reliant on HR data to make critical workforce decisions. Lastly, we will share tips and tricks for reaching Board-level audiences, which is a hallmark of successful Workforce Analytics programs.

Regardless of where your organization is at on the Workforce Analytics journey, this webinar will help you invigorate your program and become a more valued and strategic partner to the business.

01/22/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
01/22/2013 4:00 pm o'clock
Regan Klein

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Human Resources Personnel; Workforce Analytics & Planning Practitioners, HR Strategists

What you will learn:

You will learn about:
  • Lessons learned and strategies for overcoming the most common Workforce Analytics pitfalls and challenges
  • Best practice recommendations for Board of Director and C-level reporting
  • Hallmarks of successful Workforce Analytics programs

Recommended Resources:

IHRIM Workforce Solutions Review. Workforce Data in the Boardroom: Communicating Metrics to Boards of Directors. Mick Collins and Regan Klein (2011)
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