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Event Calendar / Making Sense of Online Recruitment: How to Track Results and Make the Most of Your Budget
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Making Sense of Online Recruitment: How to Track Results and Make the Most of Your Budget
Companies recruiting online face the challenge of knowing where their candidates and hires come from. What job sites, search engines, social networking sites and other sources provide the best return on investment? Measuring the ROI of recruitment advertising should be a major priority for any recruiting professional.

Top recruiters understand that without accurate candidate source data, you can’t conduct that analysis. But most companies don’t know there is a problem with their process, and it’s those companies that are spending billions of dollars per year on online recruitment advertising. Yet the key advantage of online recruitment advertising is that it’s 100 percent measurable.

The technical aspects of candidate source tracking are often easy to implement, but companies need the initiative to pursue automated tracking and conduct ongoing analysis to understand how their online recruitment sources are performing. They also need to adjust strategies and budgets to maximize recruitment advertising investments.

In many cases, it may require not taking no for an answer, either from an ATS or a job site, and that’s OK. Not knowing the return on your advertising is not OK. These challenges can easily be conquered by asking specific questions and putting simple tracking measures in place. This webinar will cover the four steps in optimizing recruitment advertising budgets:

Assign: Make it someone’s job to track and measure your recruitment advertising.

Automate: Implement automated candidate source tracking.

Analyze: Review your cost-per-applicant and cost-per-hire data.

Adjust: Shift budget to sites and sources that deliver the best ROI.
01/15/2013 1:30 pm o'clock
01/15/2013 2:30 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR,recruiting, and staffing professionals from across the country who are interested in learning about a variety of operational and managerial topics.

What you will learn:

Please join us as we will be covering the following information:
  • How to implement candidate source tracking to identify inefficiencies in your online recruitment channels
  • Know the proper questions to ask your ATS or career site vendor to receive the data and tracking integration's available to you
  • Have a thorough understanding of source of hire reports and how to make informed recruitment decisions based on validated data
  • Be able to make measurable improvements to their organization's recruitment processes
  • Recommended Resources: Click here
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