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Event Calendar / Ten Components of a Strategic College Recruiting Program
Details & Time Frame
Ten Components of a Strategic College Recruiting Program
Many companies desire to develop a strategic campus recruiting program. What does that truly mean? Industry expert, John Flato, Vice President of Consulting at Universum, has vetted this concept with peers in the campus recruiting function, and has developed ten key components of a truly strategic program, based on best practices from companies who have implemented or embraced each element extremely well. In this one-hour presentation, John will provide names of companies who truly stand out as some of the best in class for each point he makes.

John will discuss the use of senior executives in the recruiting process, the measurements and metrics used to insure that programs are meeting the expectations and reporting them to management, the appropriate use of intern and co-op programming, and executing the process flawlessly to ensure success. He will also talk about the use of the right people in the recruiting process and the importance of post-offer follow up to ensure that the candidates start their employment with positive attitudes.

Industry expert, John Flato, will present a one-hour program on Ten Components of a Strategic Campus Recruiting Program. John has led the campus recruiting function at three companies and also served as the Career Services Director at a prestigious MBA school, has helped scores of companies design, measure, implement and improve their campus recruiting programs for nearly ten years. John will not only present the ten components, but will augment these with company/organizational examples of those who exemplify each component extremely well. The speaker has more than 20 years' experience in the campus recruiting space, has won awards from NACE and EMA, and is a frequent speaker on campus recruiting topics.

01/14/2013 1:00 pm o'clock
01/14/2013 2:00 pm o'clock
Silvi Verder

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR professionals who manage the function of talent acquisition, campus recruiting, or talent management would benefit.

What you will learn:

Learning outcomes will include elements that the most successful campus recruiting programs embrace to ensure success, companies/organizations that are best in class in each element, and the importance of creating a campus recruiting strategy prior to the start of the recruiting season.

Recommended Resources:

Recruit or Die, by Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra & Ramit Sethi
The Trophy Kids Grow Up, by Ron Alsop
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