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Event Calendar / Why Online Video is changing the Candidate Engagement Mode
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Why Online Video is changing the Candidate Engagement Mode
The Internet, along with mobile and video technology, have changed the way recruiters connect with candidates, build relationships with them, and assess and interview them. There are few barriers to using the Internet and video and they have become universally available, low cost media for connecting across distance and bridging time zones.

Today’s top candidates are heavily recruited and it is difficult to get them interested in your organization. By creatively using video, firms can improve their ability to attract and engage candidates in learning about opportunities. And, rather than incur large travel and lodging costs and spend time arranging interviews and coordinating schedules, video can reduce costs and improve the impression candidates have that your firm is modern and efficient.

The younger the candidates are that you are trying to hire, the more likely it is that they will be attracted to and comfortable with video. But, older candidates are also increasingly comfortable with video and often find that they can learn more about the firm and the culture through video.

Kevin Wheeler will outline a series of trends that explain why video is becoming the primary tool for successfully attracting and engaging candidates. An informed candidate is more likely to make a choice that will be in harmony with his or her own beliefs, be productive quicker and stay longer.

You will come away from this session understanding how video is being used by some of the best organizations to build their employment brand, you will see examples of video interviews and learn the pros and cons of various types of video interviews. You will also learn what the legal implications of video interviewing are and look at state of the art assessment tools using video simulations.

01/17/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
01/17/2013 4:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

Recruiters, Talent Managers, HR Generalists, anyone interested in video as a branding and interviewing tool.

What you will learn:

How video is being used for employment branding. The pros and cons of various types of video interviews. The legal implications of video interviews. State of the art assessment tools and techniques

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