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Event Calendar / Value Structure and Job Fit: An Introduction to Formal Axiology (no math required).
Details & Time Frame
Value Structure and Job Fit: An Introduction to Formal Axiology (no math required).
If you’re already using psychometric assessments for talent development, and you’d like to deepen your understanding of the role some of them can play for you and your organization, then this webinar is for you. In this session you will be introduced to the science of Formal Axiology as discovered and developed by the late Dr. Robert S. Hartman.

Formal Axiology in this context is the mathematical application of value theory to the workplace. It looks at the measurement of value and uncovers the innate thought biases that all people posses; biases that shape workplace decision making on a subconscious level. Dr. Hartman’s discovery that there is a direct corelation between the value hierarchy into which human thought fits, and the sets in transfinite calculus, led to a breakthrough in discussions about the application of value theory. The breakthrough was in moving the conversation from the realm of philosophy into the realm of measurable science.

While the mathematics behind Dr. Hartman’s work is extremely robust, there will be no math to deal with in this session. Instead we will examine the three dimensions of thought that he identified and how they impact a person’s ability to fit in to the demands of a given job or job culture. Those with no back ground in the use of psychometric assessment instruments should review one of the following webinars in the archives,

       Moving from Subjective to Objective: The Role of Assessments in Selection and Talent Management (Feb 2nd, 2012),

•       Mining the Subconscious: A Scientific Approach to Talent Development (Feb. 23rd, 2012).

This webinar promises to be an eye-opener to participants in terms of understanding how Formal Axiology can be used in matching people to roles within any organization.
05/02/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
05/02/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
Mark Burden, CPBA, CPVA, CIA

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR professionals, hiring managers, outside-the-box executives, anyone with high "Theoretical" on their Workplace Motivators or Values Index scores (they'll know who they are).

What you will learn:

You will learn, - The Axiological meaning of "Intrinsic", "Extrinsic" and "Systemic", - What "dimensional balance" refers to, and how it impacts job fit, - How clarity patterns (of thought) apply to the workplace, - how dimensional biases affect job performance.

Recommended Resources:

"Succession Planning: A Scientific Approach for Winning the Talent War", April 2012 issue of Canadian Business Journal, (page 116)
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