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Event Calendar / How to Build the Appropriate Project Plan
Details & Time Frame
How to Build the Appropriate Project Plan
A successful workforce planning project involves many steps but there are three essential parts to delivering a project that is completed efficiently and adds the expected value to your company when completed. First you must decide on the right project. This includes not only working on the right project, but also scaling it to the resources you have available. Is it better to phase the project and start with a department, branch or division? How does the population size affect both the resource and scheduling requirements? As soon as you have decided on scope, you should decide on your measurement of success. Along with knowing what to measure, you have to know how to measure it. Without knowing the parameters for success you will never really understand how successful the project is. Once you have selected the project and scope and know how to measure success, you can put a plan together that will work towards the ultimate goal of the project. You will need to choose the correct methodology based on the type of project you are undertaking. Is a waterfall methodology right for your project or maybe an Agile methodology? The plan will need to include internal resources, external resources, software, hardware and any other resources required to finish the project. This session will discuss common mistakes made during the creation and administration of the project plan. And finally how do you measure earned value and then use Earned Value Management to monitor both financial and schedule variances. Don’t let your workforce planning initiative get derailed before you even start by not considering these factors.
05/08/2012 11:00 am o'clock
05/08/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Kristen Monsey

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Business leaders, HR managers, Workforce Analysts, Workforce Strategy professionals, anyone involved in Organizational Development or Talent Management; anyone engaged in planning a project regarding strategic workforce planning, workforce analytics or any organizational change strategy.

What you will learn:

1- How to implement a Workforce Planning project; 2- Learn the necessary milestones and components in a Workforce Planning project; 3- Learn to analyze the success of the Workforce Planning project.

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