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Event Calendar / 5 Concepts and Trends Driving Virtual Learning
Details & Time Frame
5 Concepts and Trends Driving Virtual Learning
With social media, virtual classrooms, mobile learning, and more, we are being asked to create blended learning that takes advantage of all the future has to offer. But which of these are a fad, and which are here for the long-run?

For the first time in modern history, we have four generations of workers in the workplace. The conflicts of these generational dynamics immediately change how we deliver learning or training to these different groups.

• Silent Generation – (born 1925–1945)
• Baby Boomers – (born 1945–1964)
• Gen X – (born 1965–1976)
• Millennials – (born 1977–2000)

We will examine what the current learning statistics show about the outlook for the modern workplace and the next five years, as well as five key trends associated with adapting training to the new contexts.

As these trends play out, we need to consider how to implement a culture change in our training organizations and identify some of the challenges these changes will bring.

• Trend 1 – The “New Blend”
• Trend 2 – Who’s Who in Collaboration?
• Trend 3 – Cognitive & Facilitative Technology
• Trend 4 – Blurring the Lines Between Work & Learning
• Trend 5 – Resourcing in the New World

We’ll also discuss key trends, as anticipated by T&D leaders, and provide strategic advice on how, when, and why they are important. Learn:

• To identify trends and their impact on design, delivery, and ''consumption'' of training.
• How to be seen as a thought leader in your organization.
• To manage objections concerning the adoption of new techniques and technologies

06/06/2012 3:30 pm o'clock
06/06/2012 4:30 pm o'clock
Jennifer Hofmann

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any professional in the training or human resources department would benefit

What you will learn:

The participants will: 1. Learn about the four generations of workers i the workplace. 2. Understand the trends that will effect training over the next five years. 3. Learn about the trends to adapt training over the next five years.

Recommended Resources:

Training on the Edge: 5 Concepts and Trends Driving Virtual Learning (white paper)
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