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Event Calendar / The Gamification of Wellness: Employee Rewards and Recognition Combine to Combat Obesity
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The Gamification of Wellness: Employee Rewards and Recognition Combine to Combat Obesity
Reward points – it’s a concept we’re all familiar with. From skymiles to cashback points for credit cards, these rewards encourage loyalty and direct behaviors. At the same time, employers are used to motivating their sales teams through commissions and incentives. What would happen if you could recognize and reward your employees for behaviors that have a positive impact on the bottom line? What if we gave out reward points to people for being healthier and more active? Through the Gamification of Wellness, companies can find a win-win – motivating their teams to adopt healthy, sustainable behaviors and rewarding employees at the same time. Americans spend more than $150 billion per year treating obesity-related conditions. And even though we and our employees know that physical activity is the strongest medicine against this disease, half of people who start exercising will quit within six weeks. It’s a lack of motivation and incentive to sustain physical activity. When a company buys into a wellness program, the expectation is that it actually moves their employees to a lasting healthier place. Facts tell us that most employees only do enough to comply: they get their incentive and then revert to past behaviors. SEN changes that. Our model continually pays off with instant economic rewards. So, employees get — and stay — healthy. Through competition, social interaction, games and a social currency, there is a new way to inspire health. Human Resources professional will see what a gamified wellness program might look like and how it works. See what rewards, recognition, social media, technology and wellness can do together.
04/26/2012 11:00 am o'clock
04/26/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Scott Springer

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Human Resource Professionals who are tasked with finding innovative means for rewarding and recognizing employees, engaging and enhancing employee morale, or reducing the health and wellness costs of their employee population.

What you will learn:

1) What is the concept of the Gamification of Wellness, rewarding people for healthy habits and an active lifestyle? 2) Why have advances in technology and the social media revolution made it possible to track, incentivize and reward healthy behaviors? 3) How can a recognition and reward program deliver ROI through improved wellness and reduced healthcare costs?

Recommended Resources:

More information about the gamification of wellness can be found at
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