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Event Calendar / Improving the Quality of Applicants
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Improving the Quality of Applicants
Quality Of Hire

What truly makes the difference in the quality of your hiring process?

The first step in improving the quality of hire is attracting the right people.

What is the best way to attract the right people?

Being on the list of top 100 employers helps. But what can most organizations do to attract the RIGHT people? The right people really comes down to culture fit. You can have all the A players in the world but if they don’t think like people in your organization do or are not coachable to start thinking like your team does how can you even consider them to be your kind of A player?

The culture fit is the most crucial part of this entire process yet it is the most overlooked. A good way to find like-minded people is to search groups on LinkedIn of similar interests.

But then comes the tricky part, how do you convey the culture to candidates even before they apply to attract them to your organization?

The simple answer is Video! Organizations that take the time to produce a culture fit video not only get to showcase who they are but they show applicants what they can expect working within their organization. This is the first step to improving the quality of the people you hire. We recommend either using an ATS that allows you to showcase your culture as people apply or if you can’t do this add a video right before the applicant is directed to the ATS.

The next step. Most recruiters spend their time sorting through the not so good hires to get to the their short list. What if you spin this around. You can use tools like an ATS that will sort, rank and filter applicants for you. This is the first step in short-listing the right candidates.

From there I would recommend using an online reference checking tool like VidReferencing or Checkster to get references done before you even meet the applicants for the first time.

Imagine during your phone interviews or your in person interviews you already had 7 references captured per applicant. You can ask as many behavioral questions as you would like but having previous work habits and previous employers information even before you meet with applicants for the first time can drastically improve your quality of the people you hire.

Thirdly where do you spend the bulk of your hiring time? Conducting phone interviews and the first round of interviews? What if you could now spend the bulk of your time on the top 2-3 finalists instead of with the top 15. This is where asynchronous video interviewing comes in.

Having applicants interview themselves to replace the phone interviews not only replaces the phone interviews but also allows recruiters and hiring managers to see applicants answer all their questions in a short period of time. There is many providers in this field from HireVue, Sonru and VidInterviewing.

Adding all these steps together can create a great improvement in the hiring process and also save you a substantial amount of time. If you want to learn more about these tools and other tools, you can take a look at
06/18/2012 1:30 pm o'clock
06/18/2012 2:30 pm o'clock
Sean Fahey

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Organizations that want to improve quality of the applicants they hire.

What you will learn:

How to improve your applicant branding process. Which part of the hiring process you should be spending the bulk of your time How to get to know your finalists even more before meeting with them

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