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Event Calendar / Flexible Shift Scheduling Strategies
Details & Time Frame
Flexible Shift Scheduling Strategies
Shift work is a fact of life in the world today as staff must be available when customer demand dictates.
However, working an undesirable schedule can contribute to low morale, poor performance and turnover. But changing schedules to meet employee needs leads to poor coverage, right? Wrong! It’s actually possible that re-thinking the schedule mix can not only improve coverage and reduce costs, but can actually give employees some new options that will be more attractive to them. In this session, John Frehse will offer some insights from his article, It’s Not About the Money (from Strategy and Business magazine), including many case studies about how companies have implemented new, creative schedules to meet both employee
and business needs. You’ll hear new ideas about what motivates staff and what you can do to impact workplace satisfaction in a positive way.

Management teams should watch this session especially if they are currently using traditional 8-hour shift models as their approach to meeting customer demand. Other indications that this session will be right for you is if you pay a shift differential, have high turnover, or general issues with morale. We will work on recruitment strategies as well.

In the past it was alright to have schedules that were not very flexible. Companies would keep inventory levels high and so seasonal and variable demand would be handled through pulling additional inventory out of reserves when needed. As the carrying costs have increased and management teams have been more aware of their existence, teams have worked hard to reduce inventory levels in favor of flexing the workforce. The challenge has been that when inventories are low, management teams have had to flex the employees in ways that are sometimes very unfriendly. It is time to give employees schedules that will work for them while not compromising on the cost reduction progress companies have made.

06/13/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
06/13/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

Operational Executives and Management Teams

What you will learn:

Identify the most popular schedule options currently in existence with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Outline the characteristics of alternative shift schedules. Describe the factors that drive shift worker productivity and satisfaction. Outline key elements that contribute to being an “employer of choice.” Review benchmark data on employee satisfaction impacted by schedule choices.

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