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Event Calendar / Social Networking - HR's Connection to the Workforce and the World
Details & Time Frame
Social Networking - HR's Connection to the Workforce and the World
As Social Networking becomes a commonplace term in companies, HR's role is one of an "agent of change" for the company culture. Social media is not longer a marketing tool nor an IT application, it is a HR tool to increase the engagement and connection of the workforce.

Effectively using Social Networking as part of your Talent Management strategy will give HR the lead role in using this valuable and powerful communication channel. To lead the "differentiating" charge to make your business stand out we are finding that social networking is providing an environment of cooperation and innovation. We will discuss the practices and the challenges embodied in this growing arena.
Along with the challenges we will present the technology bases that support Social Networking, best practices, and the appeal this medium holds for the diverse workforce.

And we will explore the many uses of social networking; why it benefits HR, the workforce, and the company; and, in using a recent HRIM Foundation survey, discuss the challenges associated with using this environment successfully.

Dealing with the diverse workforce and the global aspects of a business will be more aptly supported in using a social networking technology and a culture that embodies the benefits of this environment. HR is being asked to evaluate this medium and it represents one of the greatest potential as changing culture along with the business.
Join us as we explore the growth of Social Networking and get a peek into one of the newest, most impactful tools to come along in decades.
05/30/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
05/30/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

VP-HR, CIO, HRIT Director, HR Director, HR Manager

What you will learn:

Understand the challenges of implementing a Social Networking strategy and how to use it effectively to gain a higher level of engagement from the workforce. You will learn about hte technology, the appeal ot the diverse workforce, the legal challenges, and the usage of this medium within HR in organizations.

Recommended Resources:

HRIM Foundation 2012 Survey - Uses of Social Media in HR
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