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Event Calendar / Teaching Across Cultures
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Teaching Across Cultures
The virtual classroom affords us a much broader reach making it possible to deliver training to students from all over the globe. While this is certainly a benefit over in person training, we now are faced with an unending kaleidoscope of life that perhaps never existed as easily before. A culturally diverse class will consist of students who join the classroom each with their own… and perhaps very different; knowledge, beliefs, morals, laws, languages and customs.

We are not all the same, nor can we be taught the same. For example, is it important to incorporate breakout sessions with your Middle Eastern students? Do you need to end on time when teaching an online class to Asian students? How about playing games with your students from India? Join this online session and learn tested techniques and methods to teach these students effectively based on their culture, customs, and beliefs. This session with specifically help you to discover how to:

•       Quickly organize and schedule your training sessions over multiple time zones
•       Overcome the language barrier though tips and tricks that you’ll be able to implement right away
•       Discover the general traits of specific cultures
•       Analyze how and why different cultures learn in the manner they do
•       Match learning styles with effective online activities

You’ll find this session to not only be the launching pad for your online training delivery, but you’ll also be able to implement the content of this session in your meetings and your every day collaboration with co-workers and friends.

06/06/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
06/06/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

Anyone who is thinking about or currently providing online training to an international audience.

What you will learn:

Attendees will learn the following, as a result of attending this session: • Overcome the language barrier. • Analyze how different cultures learn. • Match learning styles with effective online activities. Learn tested techniques and methods to teach students effectively based on their culture

Recommended Resources:

"Cross Culture: The Lewis Model", Richard D. Lewis
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