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Event Calendar / HRIS and the Cloud - Can This Be a Good Marriage?
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HRIS and the Cloud - Can This Be a Good Marriage?
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), the standard for everything technical, has a very generalized definition of Cloud computing. Many are aware of Cloud computing but can't define it in simple layman's terms. If you have already talked with a technical person about cloud computing, your head may still be spinning from that conversation.

So what is cloud computing? What is so different about it? And how does all this impact the functionality of a HRIS or ERP department? Can we do anything with a system that we can’t define? Well, a lot apparently, as we have been for quite a while. What have we been doing and what should we be concerned about? And why? And what should any HRIS department be concerned about when it comes to cloud computing?

These are frequent questions we receive concerning cloud systems. There is a high leverage factor with cloud computing that makes it attractable to both the SMBs as well as Enterprises. And the economies-to-scale are much friendlier than the standard implementation. Most companies have several implementations occurring at the same time – and the more departments affected with any implementation, the more disruption to the daily business cycle. With Cloud computing, most of this is minimized.

As Gartner has maintained a vigilant look at cloud computing, we will be looking their findings since 2008 – and noting the weaknesses we see in cloud computing, based upon their latest reports. Cloud computing is very good, but it also has far reaching implications and consequences that need our attention, now.

05/29/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
05/29/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

• IT managers • CIOs, Directors • HR, HRIS Managers, Administrators

What you will learn:

• Gain a better perspective of what a cloud system is – and is not… • Identify the vulnerabilities of cloud computing • Develop an action plan to counter both the inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Recommended Resources:

• The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing - : provides the agreed essential characteristics, Service models, and deployment models for cloud computing systems. • What is the Cloud video – a very informative 3 minute view of the cloud
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