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Event Calendar / ROI on Wellness Programs: Fact or Fiction?
Details & Time Frame
ROI on Wellness Programs: Fact or Fiction?
This presentation will cover a topic that has recently been “gathering steam”. That topic is proving the ROI of company wellness programs. This is due to the current economic climate which is causing top management to scrutinize, as never before, the cost/benefit of all company programs. The squeeze is on. Everyone would agree that wellness programs are intuitively valuable; however, the difficulty is in trying to prove they are in hard financial numbers.

There will be a discussion on the reasons for having wellness programs in the first place and how they got started ---- first in the U.S. and then overseas. This will include issues of cost control, attraction and retention, disease prevention, decreased absenteeism and increased productivity. During this discussion the top wellness issues and key need for such programs will be addressed by global geographic region. In addition, the issue of the dramatic change in aging patterns on a worldwide basis will be reviewed and its impact on employee wellness.

Another part of the presentation will address the changing role of governments and public policy towards wellness ---- not just in the U.S. but globally. Cost control is not just a U.S. issue but is also becoming an issue with the supplemental medical insurance programs that U.S. multinationals offer their employees overseas. With the current economic climate, countries that have nationalized health plans are beginning to decrease some of these benefits and --- as a result ----pushing more and more medical care responsibility on the private sector.

The “meat” of the presentation will discuss the past methods of trying to prove ROI to top management that have fallen flat, and the number of inadequate ROI methods on the market that are primarily “fiction”. One or two ROI methods/formulas will be provided to participants that will enable them to determine whether their company wellness programs are truly providing “factual” ROI. If yes, then their company program can be deemed a success. If not, HR will need to rethink the overall strategy on wellness and the actual components of their program in order to ensure that wellness truly pays for itself.

This presentation will be relevant for HR management that has ultimate responsibility for managing wellness programs either in the U.S. and/or globally. They will learn how to determine true ROI and --- as a result ---- to assess the cost/benefit of their company’s program.

04/04/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
04/04/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
Jacque Vilet

Webcast information

Who should participate:

This session is designed primarily for the level of HR management who is ultimately responsible for their company’s wellness program. They are the ones most likely to have discussions with top management regarding the program’s cost/benefit as well as determining necessary changes in the program if the ROI proves to be unsatisfactory. Other HR managers involved in these programs are also welcome and can benefit from the information.

What you will learn:

1) The increasing importance of proving ROI in the face of global changes in wellness management 2) Reasons why there is increasing scrutiny of these programs by top management and the need to sort through all the “fictional” ROI measurements to uncover “factual” ROI measures 3) A couple of ROI calculations that can be used to determine their program’s ROI and some ways to re-think wellness program components if ROI is negative in order to achieve true cost/benefit

Recommended Resources:

SHRM: 6-15-11. "Going Global With Wellness" SHRM: 1-10-11. "U.S. Businesses Spend More on Wellness Programs"
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