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Event Calendar / Acting Trendy: Making Business Trends Work for Your Rewards Program
Details & Time Frame
Acting Trendy: Making Business Trends Work for Your Rewards Program
There is no denying that today's economic and political environment make it more challenging than ever to execute reward and recognition programs. The acceleration of change in today’s business environment and a montage of new technical and societal upgrades have left most reward and recognition planners scratching their heads and asking “What does it all mean?” For this reason the Incentive Research Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to rewards and motivation in the workplace, spent hundreds of hours reviewing internal and external research and discussing the implications with reward practitioners to understand the impact on the modern programs. The good news is that many of these trends have positive implications for reward and recognition programs. This presentation will be a good primer for reward and recognition planners, provider, program owners, and chief marketing officers alike. Join us for an hour long discussion on how to make the following twelve trends work for your program:
1. Change on Steroids: Velocity of Change and Volatility
2. The Continuing “New Normal”: Budgetary Pessimism
3. Tech Rules: Mobile Uprising
4. Game-On: Gamification
5. Proof Positive: - Increased Scientific and Management Support
6. We're All Marketers Now
7. Can You Handle The Truth?: The Retention Myth And A Culture Of Innovation
8. Hi-Tech And Hi- Touch: A Social/Virtual Workplace and The Need for Face to Face
9. “To Your Health!”: Wellness Required
10. Convergence and Integration
11. The World Is Our “Oyster”: Impact Of Global Issues Affecting The Domestic Economy
12. May We Lend A Hand?: Corporate Social Responsibility
Presentation will be delivered by Melissa Van Dyke, President, The Incentive Research Foundation

04/27/2012 11:00 am o'clock
04/27/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Melissa Van Dyke

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Reward and Recognition Program Owners Practioners R&R Providers CMO's

What you will learn:

During this event you will learn about the top twelve trends impacting rewards and recognition programs today. This session will also help you understand the implications of these trends and how to make them work for your programs.

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