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Event Calendar / Strategically Planning Your Future Success: Case Study for Applying Workforce Planning and Analytics
Details & Time Frame
Strategically Planning Your Future Success: Case Study for Applying Workforce Planning and Analytics
Does this scenario sound familiar? Customers are complaining. Staff is grumbling. Workflow is not smooth. Turnover is increasing. Cost is increasing. Quality is dropping. You know something is not working, but you aren’t quite sure exactly what the problem is or where to start to identify it. When we experience this in the workplace, our first response is to start by asking questions and then oftentimes – as Human Capital Management experts – we gravitate to the job description for the cure. A tweak here, an adjustment there – an updated job description should smooth out the workflow, improve the quality of hires, and correct the problem, right? But wait! There is a critical question that has not been asked! **What is the work we are trying to accomplish?** We hope you join in as we review a case study of the application of workforce planning and analytics (WPA) at a large, healthcare organization in the mid-West. We used WPA to define the work, identify stakeholders’ and customers’ expectations, redesign workflows and processes, and THEN realign the job description to ensure the work produced the value expected and needed.

The reward of engaging workforce planning and analytics to define the work and identify expectations came back two-fold. First, WPA diagnosed the current problem and identified what was working well and what wasn’t. Second, workforce planning and analytics methodologies provided a foundation for decisions by documenting value outcomes for stakeholders, supply and demand, and opportunities for improved delivery now and in the future to prepare for growth.
04/17/2012 11:00 am o'clock
04/17/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Heather Maria Kubik

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HRIS Analysts, HRIS Managers, Director of HR, HR Manager, VP of HR, Talent Managers

What you will learn:

As a result of attending this workshop the attendee will learn: 1. How to integrate WPA into their business processes. 2. How to align the work that needs to be done with the needs of the organization. 3. How to build a job description that reflects this need.

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