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Event Calendar / “Get Your Wellness Program Moving with Employee Competition”
Details & Time Frame
“Get Your Wellness Program Moving with Employee Competition”
Get Your Wellness Program Moving with Employee Competition

Launching a successful wellness program requires employee engagement, not just participation – meaning annual health risk assessments and information about getting healthy simply is not enough to bring about real change in improving employee health and reducing medical costs. Friendly competition, or employee wellness challenges, are fast becoming a must-have component of wellness plans for their ability to inject energy into the program, inspire engagement and improve employee morale – all while reducing health costs and improving productivity. From “biggest loser” contests to walk-across-the-U.S. programs, employee wellness challenges are an inexpensive and proven way to get results.

In this session, Dr. Michele Dodds will show examples of creative and innovative wellness challenges, including low-cost alternatives such as lunchtime walking contests, new ideas such as cooking classes, weight-loss competitions and more. Drawing upon examples taken from a variety of employers, from hotel franchises to public transit systems, Dr. Dodds will discuss:
• Best-practices approaches to making challenges meaningful to your particular workforce
• Key considerations in choosing rewards and prizes that employees value
• How to get employees involved – not only in the wellness challenge but in its design, creating more buy in and ownership
• Steps to take when implementing a wellness challenge as well as pitfalls to avoid
• How to create “wellness ambassadors” out of employees, a peer-to-peer strategy that attracts more enthusiasm and participation
• How to keep wellness challenges fresh year after year, building upon previous successes, learning from mistakes and, most important of all, encouraging the adoption of long-term healthy behaviors in employees.
05/15/2012 11:00 am o'clock
05/15/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Michele Dodds

Webcast information

Who should participate:

• HR professionals • Benefits professionals • Health and wellness directors

What you will learn:

• Best-practices approaches to making wellness challenges meaningful • Key considerations in choosing rewards and prizes • How to get employees involved – not only in the challenge but in its design, creating more buy in and ownership

Recommended Resources:

Case study/white paper on transit system wellness challenge
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