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Event Calendar / STR8-TALK for Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Feedback with Candor & Care
Details & Time Frame
STR8-TALK for Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Feedback with Candor & Care
Have you ever felt behind the 8 ball when it comes to having difficult conversations at work? Do your leaders struggle with communicating difficult feedback with candor and care? If ‘yes’, you and your leaders are not alone.

Thousands of leaders from all types of industries struggle with leading difficult conversations and giving difficult feedback. HR leaders are entrenched in employee relations issues and are challenged to facilitate difficult conversations effectively and efficiently.

For over 10 years, I’ve been helping people just like yourself accelerate results and accomplish their goals through the power of STR8-TALK. The tools that you will learn in this session will transform the way you approach, lead, and respond to difficult conversations. You’ll learn how to address performance and sensitive, behavioral issues with candor and care to avoid confrontation and achieve collaboration. Whether it’s coaching direct reports or communicating with your peers or your boss, you’ll take away tools to communicate your message in a way that builds accountability and results. You can use the tools right away at work and with a little bit of practice you can turn potential confrontations into productive conversations.

When you hear the words, “difficult conversations” what types of conversations come to mind? Most likely the ones that have been on your mind for a while but you’ve been putting off. A difficult conversation is one that you know you should have but you really don’t want to. The difficult conversation takes you out of your comfort zone. This could be a conversation that you need to have with your boss, a peer, your direct report, or your internal customer. The difficult conversation is usually about a situation where someone isn’t doing what is expected of them and it can be a sensitive issue…one that carries a lot of emotion with it. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that most of us don’t find ourselves in difficult conversations at work.

In this session, I’ll share with you a 4-step process…a roadmap…and a set of tools to help you move from confrontation to collaboration so you can feel more confident, accomplish more, and enjoy more productive work relationships.. The STR8-TALK tools will revolutionize the way you communicate with others including giving and receiving feedback. Best of all, it’s easy to learn, easy to recall, and easy to use. And it works!
04/02/2012 12:30 pm o'clock
04/02/2012 1:30 pm o'clock
Tina Smagala

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any leader who wants to accelerate results by sharpening their skill at leading difficult conversations.

What you will learn:

- A 4-step process to facilitate difficult feedback conversations with respectful candor - Two ways to start difficult conversations off on the right foot - Strategies to avoid accountability traps such as blaming, minimizing, and masking - A planning tool to accelerate accountability for positive change and results

Recommended Resources:

STR8-TALK toolkit available at
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