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Event Calendar / Assessing Employee Well-Being- Critical to ROI of HR Strategies
Details & Time Frame
Assessing Employee Well-Being- Critical to ROI of HR Strategies
Current research shows that employee well-being is a key to organizational success. The sum total of physical, emotional, social, financial, and career components, well-being drives peak performances, enabling employees to feel well enough, whole enough, and in control enough to be their most productive. Employers who support well-being stand to benefit from engaged employees who provide peak performances that drive long-term, efficient, and sustainable success.

Achieving well-being means understanding — and responding to — your individual workforce’s needs. It means assessing the drivers of your employees and responding with relevant response strategies. And it means continually reevaluating and updating your employee supports over time.

Getting there requires a measurable well-being index. But, index models currently in practice may overlook key components of employees’ work/life issues. Conversely, Horizons Workforce Consulting’s customized well-being index takes into account all principle well-being drivers (physical, emotional, social, financial, and career) as well as resilience, optimism, humor, and spirituality. And, it reflects the specific issues impacting an individual workforce. Such data provides decision makers with a crucial snapshot of employee challenges and a clear path to pertinent, effective responses.

Horizons Workforce Consulting’s own well-being index was derived from a thorough survey of employees throughout the company. The result is a highly customized, data-driven resource that allows us to understand our employees’ support needs and to assess whether our current supports are effective. In the future, the index will enable us to continually re-measure well-being among our employees and assess whether or not new response strategies are required.

Join this webinar to hear Lucy English and Andrea Wicks-Bowles, senior consultants with Horizons Workforce Consulting, discuss the value of this crucial resource and the methodology for success — and why your organization deserves a customized assessment to key in to the unique needs of your workforce.
05/15/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
05/15/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any HR professional

What you will learn:

1.How employee well-being drives organizational people strategies and supports 2.The methods and value of implementing a customized well-being index to measure key well-being elements including physical, emotional, social, financial, community, career, and more 3.Making strategic HR decisions based upon an understanding of workforce well-being and the impact of HR policies and practices over time

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