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Event Calendar / Employee Wellness for Small and Medium Size Businesses
Details & Time Frame
Employee Wellness for Small and Medium Size Businesses
Get results for your wellness buck – no matter what size your business is. Employers of every size can have an effective employee wellness program. Most of the programs we hear about are those that large employers have put in place with a substantial investment but small and medium sized organizations can have successful programs as well!

Learn how medium and small business owners can tailor a wellness program and reap the benefits of employee wellness namely: increased productivity, reduced claims, injury prevention and decrease in absenteeism. Small and medium size companies can be even more impacted than some of the larger companies due to the fact there are proportionally fewer employees to “carry the ball” when co-workers are unproductive, absent or injured.

The good news is strategically planned employee wellness programs can have a very positive effect without a big budget. It will take planning and some leg work, but its well worth it to know where you are coming from, where you are going to and how you are going to get there from here!
Small and medium size businesses typically do not have the capacity to pay for a number of outside services, secure vendors whose pricing is based on economy of scale, and do not have staff to dedicate to running the program. Therefore, in addition to leadership commitment, the focus needs to be on:
1.        A solid short-term and long-term strategic plan
2.       Utilizing low-cost or no-cost resources that do not require additional budget
3.       Leveraging those services that have already been paid for
4.       Creating and sustaining a culture of wellness
5.       Honing in on key goals and objectives

-       Presenter will provide links to no-cost & low-cost resources a
-       Presenter will speak to employee wellness resources that employer/employees may not be taking advantage of

Step I -Inventory all the companies “traits”
1.       Create a company profile to include: number of employees, Job classifications, locations, organizational chart, unscheduled leave of absences
2.       Health relate cost drivers: absences, claims history, injuries
3.       Staff resources
4.       Considerations

-       Presenter will provide a template and speak to examples

Step I - Get input
1.       Management perspective and commitment
2.       Employee interest survey
3.       Form wellness committee

-       Presenter will list out who should be on wellness committee

Step III - Determine specific goals and objectives
1.       Based on overall goals of the program
2.       Employee interest survey
3.       Tools/resources that will be used
4.       Budget allocation

-       Presenter will provide samples of goals/objectives/tools/budget
-       Presenter will provide links to free resources

Step IV - Create a culture of health
1.       Adopt policies
2.       Allow time to participate in wellness activities
3.       Food available/not available

-       Presenter will provide website links

Step V- Implementation
1.       Select targeted change
2.       Create marketing and engagement plan
3.       Determine incentive structure
4.       Establish evaluation methodology for baseline, collection, analysis and what will happen with the results
5.       Develop action plan

-       Presenter will provide samples of evaluation methods

Step VI - Sustainability
1.       Use and update strategic plan
2.       Maintain culture of wellness
3.       Integrate/infiltrate into business operations
4.       Track and report results
5.       Collect input on ongoing basis
6.       Seek recognition as a model wellness program

-       Presenter will provide template of steps

06/20/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
06/20/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
Presentation Creator

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Human resources managers, business owners, benefit decision makers, health insurance brokers, finance staff members and safety staff.

What you will learn:

Attendees will learn: 1. How to adapt employee wellness programming for organization/employees/industry/size/company configuration 2. How to conduct needs assessment “inventory” 3. Know where to find free resources 4. Steps to effective and sustainable employee wellness program

Recommended Resources:

California Fit Business Kit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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