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Event Calendar / The Leader’s Edge: Five Success Factors Every Leader Must Know
Details & Time Frame
The Leader’s Edge: Five Success Factors Every Leader Must Know
Managers and supervisors, responsible for the successful performance of frontline employees, are a critical component of an organization’s success. Did you know that every day more than 10,000 baby boomers reach the age of 65 and begin to think about retirement? In the next decade, new managers and supervisors, with little experience or training, will step forward to fill the pipeline. Though most organizations state that leadership training is important, less than 23% believe they actually do it well.

This session is designed to introduce new leaders to the pitfalls they want to avoid and the leader behaviors they must embrace in order to successfully transition to their new leadership roles. As they discover the challenges of managing others, many newly promoted managers discover that leading others is harder than it looks. How do you motivate others to do what needs to be done? What does vision have to do with your ability to manage a team? How should you handle an employee who veers off track?

Based on the NetSpeed Leadership course, Leading at Net Speed, this session introduces five leadership guidelines and 25 related leader behaviors. Learners will explore what it means to create an optimistic climate, build collaborative relationships, achieve exceptional performance, focus for high impact, and cultivate trust with their employees. They will take away practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately on the job. At the conclusion of the course, participants will receive a link to complete a leadership assessment at the NetSpeed Leadership Solutions’ website.
04/03/2012 1:30 pm o'clock
04/03/2012 2:30 pm o'clock
Cynthia Clay

Webcast information

Who should participate:

• Human Resource Directors • Talent Managers • Training Managers • Supervisors and Managers • Anyone responsible for earning the trust of their employees to help the team hit its targets.

What you will learn:

After attending this one-hour webinar, you'll be able to: • Identify 6 leader behaviors a first-level manager or supervisor should avoid at all costs. • Explore 5 leadership guidelines (success factors) to keep leaders balanced and effective. • Increase your ability to manage the performance of others

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