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Event Calendar / Introduction to the Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution Event
Details & Time Frame
Introduction to the Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution Event
Join us for our two-day virtual event presented by the Institute for Human Resources (IHR), Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution. This introductory half-hour will provide you with an overview of the May 2nd and May 3rd schedule. We will also review the IHR 12-month certification program, explaining how the process works. The speakers we have gathered together for this 2-day event will cover a wide variety of topics from employee engagement, mentoring, employee wellness, employee retention and team-building, as well as important attention given to the area of developing into an effective and engaging leader. You may recognize a few of our speakers as they are ‘back by popular demand’ and will continue the dialogue started in their earlier presentations. Detailed information on each topic and speaker is available by clicking on the links below. Our engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining speakers are looking forward to the opportunity to present their material and look forward to interacting with you, virtually, during their webcast. Attending all of the webcasts is free and there is a one-time fee only to write the final exam leading to certification. Each webcast in this 2-day event will be archived on shortly after it takes place and all sessions, whether you hear them live or through the archived version, are pre-approved for IHR certification and HRCI recertification credits. We hope you enjoy meeting and learning from the experts we have assembled for these 2 days and we look forward to your feedback on the evaluation forms sent to you after each session. Thank you for your interest in our Canadian Masters community. Enjoy the conference!
05/02/2012 10:30 am o'clock
05/02/2012 11:00 am o'clock

Webcast information

Who should participate:

All registrants and attendees of the 2-day Virtual Conference on May 2 and 3, 2012

What you will learn:

Participants will be given an overview of the schedule for the upcoming 2-day conference, with additional information on each speaker. They will be introduced to the current Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Advisory Board. A review of the IHR certification process will also be provided.

Recommended Resources:

IHR certification details found on website
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