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Event Calendar / Hiring + 90 Wisdom and M4R Model: Managing and Engaging in the First Quarter
Details & Time Frame
Hiring + 90 Wisdom and M4R Model: Managing and Engaging in the First Quarter
Hiring the right person – check. Managing the new hire – check. Engaging the new hire – uh oh!

The first 90 days can make or break on-boarding, team integration, and, most importantly, engagement. Every generation of workers appreciates feedback and coaching. Millennials, in particular, thrive on mentoring and coaching. Coaching new hires can add value, or it can demoralize and alienate them. How do you decide?

Leaders must effectively manage employees from the fun to the failure. Managers must equip and empower their new hires to drive better results, make better decisions, and engage with their new teams. Enter Managing4Results©, an intuitive and practical management model for on-boarding and continuous talent development.

This session uses a case study from Alcon Laboratories to launch an eye opening and instructional discussion about how to apply precise behaviors and timing for managers to make the most of coaching, training, succession, or discipline. It is designed for hiring managers to take away immediately actionable tools to traverse the journey from the pleasant state of development to the emotionally challenging state of corrective action. Engaging and instructing new hires is the most critical aspect of the first 90 days. This session is about protecting your hiring investment through good times and deliberate management interventions.

Learn how managers at Alcon Laboratories, Scripps Healthcare, and Filanc Construction have discovered that coaching IS NOT the answer to all managerial efforts. Learn how to apply the Managing4Results© Model to enhance your instincts and experience to effectively manage performers with differing abilities, needs, and levels of autonomy. Learn how managers can step up and choose suitable and impactful leadership behaviors.
04/25/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
04/25/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

• HR partners responsible for hiring • HR or training Director or manager responsible for performance improvement • Business executive/decision-maker who want to grasp the finer points of talent development • External consultant who wants to bring additional efficacy to their consulting uptake • Internal trainer who wants to improve the learning transfer

What you will learn:

• Apply specific managerial behaviors to accelerate engagement and performance • Analyze when and how to quickly address slipping and faltering behaviors • Apply targeted coaching behaviors to drive role and task mastery

Recommended Resources:

• Coaching Demystified White Paper • Managing4Results – The Article • Managing4Results Coaching Phases • Managing4Results Brochure
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