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Event Calendar / Transforming HR: It’s NOT About Putting “Strategic” in Your Titles
Details & Time Frame
Transforming HR: It’s NOT About Putting “Strategic” in Your Titles
HR must continue to evolve in order to stay relevant. While organizations have undertaken HR transformation efforts, how do you know if you’ve truly moved from transactional to strategic?
This session will discuss what it will take for HR transformation to occur at the individual, company and profession level.
At the individual level, how do you move from a HR Generalist to the “new” HR Business Partner? This involves staying relevant, staying informed and staying in demand and we will discuss the elements of all three. This broadly encompasses how HR candidates have to ensure they are aligning themselves with the businesses they support from their resumes, to their interviews, to their performance goals once hired. On the flip-side, companies need to ensure that they are hiring HR talent with strong business acumen and a passion first for understanding the drivers and operators of the business.
At the organizational level, we will discuss the movement towards an overarching Talent Management function and what Fortune 500 type companies are doing in this space from talent attraction to development. A conversation about the critical role HR should play in Leadership Development will also take place.
Finally, we will talk about what must occur with the overall Human Resource profession in order for the function to continue to thrive. This involves HR professionals taking risks and expanding their knowledge beyond the traditional functional areas of HR.
We will share stories, discuss baseball and the computer industry and have a relevant and honest conversation about the state of Human Resources and how each of us is responsible for helping to elevate the profession.
05/31/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
05/31/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
Kathy Rapp

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any HR professional

What you will learn:

Understand how to move from a HR Generalist to a HR Business Partner Develop a Talent Management and Leadership strategy to align with your business goals Understand how and why HR must continue to transform in order to contribute to overall organizational effectiveness in addition to raising the bar for the profession

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