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Event Calendar / Social Performance Management
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Social Performance Management
Current performance management processes are ineffective! Most performance reviews are completed annually with the focus geared toward capturing progress and feedback on the previous year’s accomplishments…but this information typically does not reflect all of the successes, failures, and challenges that employees encountered during the review period. What can organizations do to improve this critical talent management process? To transform their static annual appraisals into powerful, social, performance and talent management processes that are effective, enduring, and exciting?

Social Talent Management is more effective, enduring, and exciting: it eliminates repetitive data entry and manual, time-consuming administration. It enables performance reviews to be linked directly to business goals with real-time visibility into progress and employees can solicit feedback from managers, peers, and external coaches. Much like LinkedIn and Facebook, employees are regularly engaged in the performance development process because it is social, collaborative, and in real-time. Leading companies are implementing social talent management software to reap the benefits it has to offer over traditional performance management methodology. With the right technology, content, and community, performance management processes can become effective and painless.
The purpose of this presentation is to show the benefits of making performance management a process of continuous employee development (instead of an annual appraisal process) by utilizing social tools to provide input, praise, reviews, and development options in a collaborative way. It will also show how social performance management is just one component of an overall talent management strategy that moves toward unified business directives.

You will learn:

• The Seven Criticisms of Current Talent Management Processes
• Introducing Social Talent Management
• Social Talent Management Objectives
• Social Talent Management Drivers
• Social Talent Management Benefits
• Keys to Successful Social Talent Management in Your Talent Strategy

* Please note that this webcast does not qualify for credits as it did not meet the minimum time requirements.

03/02/2012 3:30 pm o'clock
03/02/2012 4:30 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR & Talent Management Executives and Directors

What you will learn:

You will learn: 1. The Seven Criticisms of Current Performance Management Processes 2. Social Performance Management Objectives, Drivers, & Benefits 3. Keys to Successful Social Performance Management in Your Talent Strategy 4. How social talent management software can be used as a real-time and continuous employee development tool that enables a broader community to provide input, praise, reviews, and development options in a collaborative way.

Recommended Resources:

"Social Performance Management Turns the Annual Appraisal Event into an Effective and Enduring Development Process" by Linda Ginac
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