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Event Calendar / The Latest APP For Retirement Planning - The Adjustable Pension Plan
Details & Time Frame
The Latest APP For Retirement Planning - The Adjustable Pension Plan
The Adjustable Pension Plan (APP) is designed to mitigate the various risks that have caused many pension plans to shutdown over the past decades. Americans need a secure way to provide lifetime income during retirement and the current defined contribution plans will not provide a safe level income stream throughout the retirement years. This plan creates a partnership with the employers and employees by sharing the investment risk of the pension plan and moving towards a lower risk investment pool.
The basic plan design provides a flat dollar or career average pay formula for the participants. This benefit is developed after determining what level of contributions are available to fund the plan. This information is used to determine the cost of the plan and develop the ultimate benefit level that can be sustained by the employer’s contribution level. The costs are developed using very conservative assumptions to provide more certainty that the benefits promised can be delivered. This benefit is referred to as the Floor Benefit and will provide a minimum level of benefit to the participants. The Adjustable Benefit will be tied to overall investment performance of the fund. The participant gets the greater of the Floor Benefit or Adjustable Benefit.
The APP considers the following risks that are inherent in typical defined benefit plans today:
• Investment Risk
• Maturity Risk
• Mortality Risk
• Inflation Risk

The studies we have performed show the Adjustable Pension Plan is a sustainable model for providing secure retirement income for life and has a high probability of delivering a benefit higher than the promised floor benefit. It provides a risk sharing element to create a partnership between the interested parties and considers the risks that have hurt many retirement plans during the past decades.
05/09/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
05/09/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
Richard Hudson

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any HR or Finance individuals responsible for managing retirement plans

What you will learn:

In this session you will gain 1. a better understanding of the risks in retirement plans, 2. a better understanding of alternatives available, 3. and how to mitigate the underlying risks through plan design.

Recommended Resources:

Recently presented to the pension rights organization and made public on
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