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Event Calendar / Things to Consider When Shopping for New Talent Software
Details & Time Frame
Things to Consider When Shopping for New Talent Software
The people in your business make the difference between success and failure. They are the ones that add value, drive growth and create innovation. Successful companies know how to unlock this human capital. – they know that identifying, nurturing, educating great people are the key to long-term success. Implementing an effective integrated talent management software solution will lead to improved employee engagement, positively impacting retention, performance, productivity innovation and learning.

But when you are tasked with finding that talent management solution it can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? What is the process to find a solution that meets your organization’s unique needs? What about RFP’s - how long should they be and how many vendors should participate in the process?

The way organizations typically think about evaluating vendors and buying technology is often inefficient and filled with hidden biases.

In this presentation you will learn about an effective and efficient process for evaluating software and getting to decision. You will discover how to review the vendor landscape based on your organization’s unique goals and objectives – are you looking to automate, to consolidate or to migrate? The presenter will outline how to make the most of working with vendors during the review process and how to get the maximum value from each vendor. You will uncover tips on how to align your evaluation with company strategies and business goals to make smart decisions and act quickly. We’ll also talk about ways to avoid common biases that derail your evaluation and could set-up a failed project.

05/31/2012 1:30 pm o'clock
05/31/2012 2:30 pm o'clock
Timothy O'Shea

Webcast information

Who should participate:

All HR professionals

What you will learn:

• Attendees will learn: o How to effectively review the talent management software landscape o The best way to align your evaluation with company strategies and business goals o Tips for make smart decisions and acting quickly o How to avoid common biases that derail your evaluation and set up a failed project

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