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Event Calendar / Integrated Talent Management
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Integrated Talent Management
During this presentation on Integrated Talent Management, we will cover industry trends that are bringing the importance of Integrated Talent Management to the forefront of decisions for HR leaders. How organizations need to eliminate silos and create a global vision even if not located globally.
CEO’s and investment firms are now more than ever realizing the value of the quality of an organizations workforce. They are helping to drive the adoption of Integrated Talent Management solutions to capitalize on developing and retaining top performers.
We will discuss the differences between integrated and unified or organic Talent Management as well as the reasons why there is a movement in the market towards Integrated Talent Management. We will include examples and the impacts of poor decisions on the adaptability and metrics produced when implemented.
The presentation will also focus market players in Integrated Talent Management, why so many mergers, what that means including potential impact on HR and the market. We have seen a paradigm shift in the marketplace and an increased power struggle amongst Talent Management Vendors.
We will also look at the benefits and costs from the perspective of CEO, CFO and HR as well as what needs to occur to make appropriate buying decisions. Focusing on the differences between best of breed and integrated and how long-term HR vision is instrumental in effective product sourcing strategies. We will portray how impactful a properly chosen solution can affect not just the company but HR and leaders in the organization. How these tools are providing unparalleled metrics which are being demanded and required by HR and the C-level to make proper business decisions.
05/30/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
05/30/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

HR Business Partners HR Executives HRIS Manager HR Director HR

What you will learn:

What is Integrated Talent Management Why trend to adopt this strategy Difference between integrated and Organic or Best of Breed Players in Integrated Talent Management Impact on the CEO, CFO and HR Why Technology Projects Fail Industry Trends and HR best practices

Recommended Resources:

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