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Event Calendar / Translating, Managing and Leveraging Your Virtual Team of HRIT Professionals
Details & Time Frame
Translating, Managing and Leveraging Your Virtual Team of HRIT Professionals
HR technology can seem as daunting as any other technology initiative and you may feel like everyone is speaking a different language. Discussions abound with references to OS, SMEs, kick offs, RPG, versions, timelines, TCO, gap analysis and ROI. How do you make sense of it all and ensure you are educated enough to manage HRIT professionals and look intelligent? It’s even more difficult if your HRIT team is virtual – your only advantage is they can’t usually see the puzzled look on your face. In this session, we review a glossary of terms that are used in the HR technology world, talk about professionals who work in the market – on the vendor side and on the implementation side - and consider the pros, cons, and best practices you can use to be informed, educated, and in control. You’ll learn how to translate your business “needs” into business “requirements” and what that means in project jargon. You’ll learn how to stand toe to toe with your IT partners and communicate the needs of stakeholders in a language they understand AND communicate the SAME message to your virtual, HR technology team to ensure deliverables and business requirements are clear and met. Through this discussion, you will understand how to translate your needs, manage the team that operates remotely, and leverage their strengths to succeed. This session will prepare you for the “technical” HR Technology team – the hybrid of functional and technical HR expertise that is the standard in the HR Technology world.
02/20/2013 12:00 pm o'clock
02/20/2013 1:00 pm o'clock
Leanne Schmidt

Webcast information

Who should participate:

  • Analysts – HR / HRIT / IT
  • Managers – HR / HRIT / IT
  • Directors – HR / HRIT / IT
  • Project managers responsible for HR related projects
  • All expertise levels in related HR disciplines of communications, organizational development, compensation, benefits, etc.

What you will learn:

  1. Understanding of a glossary of terms commonly used in discussion of technology projects.
  2. Understanding of project management tools, structure and terms and how the team members of an HRIT project provide services or meet deliverables.
  3. Understanding of the nuances of a virtual team and how to ensure you are informed, indispensable and in control.

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