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Event Calendar / Enhance Workforce Output: Making the case for Managed Service Programs and Vendor Management Systems
Details & Time Frame
Enhance Workforce Output: Making the case for Managed Service Programs and Vendor Management Systems
A new year always brings new company-wide goals. We hear this consistently from HR leaders; in 2013, all of us are asked to mitigate risks, increase margins, improve compliance, and access top talent. These goals can often seem distant and difficult to attain—what’s more, they don’t come with roadmaps. Because unmanaged contingent workers and independent contractors can result in decreased efficiencies and increased costs, a Managed Service Program (MSP) automated by a Vendor Management System (VMS) often leads us to success.

Implementing an MSP/VMS solution can seem like a daunting task, but market research shows that it is a worthwhile pursuit. Much has been written about the value of MSP and VMS solutions, and the clear measureable results they deliver. However, there are many steps that must be taken to effectively prime an organization for their implementation. Everything from gaining executive sponsorship and day-to-day stakeholder support to process mapping and change management must be thoughtfully and strategically considered. Investing the prerequisite time on the front end will make all the difference in the world; we will share the steps critical to assessing your current state, key areas to consider, and a vision of the possible future state.

Learn about laying the groundwork for making the business case that will rally internal support, asking the questions that will uncover opportunities for improvement, and defining the variables to consider when evaluating MSP/VMS providers.

Are you ready to take the first step toward attaining your organization’s new year’s resolution? Join us, and we will help light the path.
01/31/2013 1:00 pm o'clock
01/31/2013 2:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

HR leaders and business unit managers who are tasked with increasing productivity, improving margins, and driving compliance.

What you will learn:

Please join us as you will learn the following:
  1. The importance of the current state assessment
  2. The importance of cultural fit between internal and external teams
  3. How a successful MPS/VMS solution can help drive your overall talent aquistion strategy

Recommended Resources:

Contingent Workforce Management in a Contemporary World, presented at by Christopher Dwyer of Aberdeen Group
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