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Event Calendar / Wellness Knowledge- 4 Elements for Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health
Details & Time Frame
Wellness Knowledge- 4 Elements for Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health
In order to maximize return on investment, create successful health and wellness programs and help employees make healthy choices related to their wellness goals organizations need to develop sound strategies and policies that share health and wellness knowledge with their employees. It is critical employees have relevant, timely and accurate information to make proper decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle. There are four key elements to health and wellness knowledge that should be addressed. The first knowledge element is to understand the health needs of your workforce. What will truly make your organization and its employees healthier? Secondly, educating your entire workforce about the importance of good health to themselves and their families and friends as well as its impact on your company’s success. Health and Wellness knowledge incorporates understanding the risks factors associated with various lifestyle choices and their health implications and ramifications. The third knowledge element involves determining what health and wellness information and will support the identified needs of your employees with the proper health guidance and expertise. Finally businesses need to develop a communication strategy and methods to disseminate information so that all employees have access to it with the frequency and convenience that meets their requirements and in ways that motivate employees to get involved. Knowledge shared must have personal meaning for every employee and should be developed, tailored and customized to meet the needs of all employees and their health challenges. Once all of these factors are in place organizations can move on to the third key success factor which is strategy and programs to ensure maximum engagement and participation of employees in healthy lifestyle activities.
02/06/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
02/06/2013 4:00 pm o'clock
Tara Butt

Webcast information

Who should participate:

  • Executives interested in taking employee performance to the next level.
  • Corporate, Financial and HR Executives-Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents
  • C-Suite executives interested in developing an effective wellness program
  • Health, Wellness and Safety coordinators
  • Group insurance administrators
  • Anyone interested in adding health and wellness into their life

What you will learn:

  • How to effectively communicate health and wellness knowledge
  • Why health and wellness knowledge can help you and your employees
  • The costs of not sharing knowledge effectively with your employees
  • How organizations can best support knowledge learning and sharing

Recommended Resources:

The Health and Wellness Productivity Advantage – Watson Wyatt 2010 Buffet National Wellness Survey- Sun Life Financial
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