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Event Calendar / If People Are Our Greatest Assets, Why Do My Budgets Get the Axe?
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If People Are Our Greatest Assets, Why Do My Budgets Get the Axe?
In virtually every annual report or employee communication, corporate leaders say “people are our greatest assets” in some form. The moment that budgets get tight, however, payroll, learning and development, and other HR budgets are typically the first to be cut. Why does outcome take place consistantly across organizations.

Is the problem with executive leaders or is it the accountability of HR professionals to educate their leadership in a way that helps them see the value derived from investing in people?

During this presentation, participants will explore, from a CEO and CFO perspective, economic and finacial rationale that drives business decisions. Executive leaders who maintain buget controls were typically trained in rigorous finacial analysis.

We challenge HR professionals to consider that it may be a lack of financial literacy and rigor in creating their business case that leads their budgets to the chopping block.

Practical suggestions and actionalble steps are outlined to make a difference in the way HR professionals present and defend their budgets.

Participants will consider three, key human capital analytics that can be used to justify investments in people and build a rationale for defensible budgets. We will also consider the rigor required by other fucntions in CapEx approvals and the specific steps HR professionals can take to ensure that thir budgets are defensible in financial terms.

Additional resources on financial literacy and business case development will be included. As an outcome of this presentation, HR professionals will be in a stronger postion to see that thier valuable contribution to the organization is both defensible and sustainable.
02/11/2013 2:30 pm o'clock
02/11/2013 3:30 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

Mid- to senior-level HR professionals who have budget accountabilities and the need to defend these budgets.

What you will learn:

  • The mindset of CFOs and CEOs in making budget decisions.
  • Key financial concepts that lead executives in making financial decisions.
  • Three practical metrics that can explain return on investment in human capital.
  • Practical strategies for preparing for budget reviews that enable HR professionals.

Recommended Resources:

A list of recommended resources will be provided in the presentation.
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