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Event Calendar / The Seven Hidden Reasons People Disengage & Leave
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The Seven Hidden Reasons People Disengage & Leave
Employee turnover is not a singular event — it is a long process of disengagement that can take days, weeks, months or even years until the actual decision to leave occurs. How can you spot an employee who is planning to leave? How can you prevent it? Join author Leigh Branham and Globoforce to discover some of the surprising reasons behind why employees leave companies. Based on the research and information in Branham’s acclaimed book, 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, this webinar will isolate and discuss each reason that employees jump ship. It will share the warning signs companies can look for, translate the needs and desires of employers and employees into a common language and enable companies and their most valued human resources to better understand one another.

*How companies and employees can better communicate their expectations of one another.
*The importance of finding the right people to fill the right positions at the right time.
*Why coaching and feedback are critical to engagement and retention, and how companies can form deeper relationships with their people.
*What the new career realities are in today’s business climate.
*Why some managers are hesitant to recognize employees, and what senior leadership can do about it.
*How to help employees maintain a consistent work-life balance and minimize their levels of job-related stress.
*How managers can regain the trust and confidence of their employees.

The webinar will also touch on some of Globoforce’s research and lessons learned in the connection between engagement, employee recognition and turnover.

Presented by Darcy Jacobsen and Leigh Branham

01/28/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
01/28/2013 4:00 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

Human Resources professional interested in the topics of employee retention, employee engagement, and employee recognition.

What you will learn:

Learn how you can spot an employee who is planning to leave the company. Learn how you can prevent your employees from leaving. Learn the surprising reasons your employees leave companies.

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