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Event Calendar / The 5 Critical Aspects of Career Development
Details & Time Frame
The 5 Critical Aspects of Career Development
There are many ways to look at career development. Every individual is accountable for their own career development. However, the employer has to understand how important career development has become within their workforce due to the continual change.

We will look at the five critical aspects of career development. Without knowing these aspects, you will not be able to provide superior results in career development. You will be introduced to the Job DNA™ which is the information nucleus that all talent management functions rely. We will finish off with the interdependence of career development within your HR and talent management departments.

Career Development has taken on a much bigger role within the workforce. The multi-generational characteristics of today’s workforces have put a premium on career development. In fact, talent management in general has become critically important in retaining and recruiting personnel in order to increase workforce performance.

It is important to think of career development as both a retention and a recruiting benefit. When you can assist people in reaching their goals through career development they are going to remain with your organization. When you can define the current opportunity as well as plan out possible career paths for a potential hire, bringing on the talent that fits your organization’s requirements becomes much easier.

Understanding the connection between career development, retention and recruiting is not a big jump for many people. When you start to demonstrate how career development goes hand in hand with employee engagement, succession and replacement planning, and performance management, then you can really appreciate the interdependence of talent management functions.
02/04/2013 2:00 pm o'clock
02/04/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
Jeffrey Fritzson

Webcast information

Who should participate:

This is for any HR generalist, or HR Director or above. It is also for any employee who wants to understand how to better take control of their career development. This webinar is focused on showing the critical aspects of career development. It forces people to look at the foundation of the workforce and then understand how career development and other Talent Management functions work together to enhance the employees career development.

What you will learn:

Please join us you will be learn the following:
  1. Name and define the five critical aspects of career development.
  2. Define the characteristics of the Job DNA™ and explain why it is the information nucleus within the talent management support structure.
  3. Explain the interdependence of career development with respect to the other talent management functions.

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