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Event Calendar / Managing Poor Performers in Canada
Details & Time Frame
Managing Poor Performers in Canada
As the Western world strives to break free of the pressures resulting from the economic downturn, the spotlight increasingly falls on those individuals not performing to an acceptable standard. At a recent networking event the discussion focused upon “how bad is too bad?”

Some would argue that this is all relative. Questions to ask might be:

How clear is the employee handbook around performance?

Are performance reviews being completed in full and on time?

Where is the bar set to assess what or what is not acceptable?

What involvement is there from trade unions?

How objective is the data to measure performance?

The management of poor performers is one area that many supervisors and team leaders find difficult to deal with. Perhaps they like spending time with the poor performer outside of the office, probably they have never received any formal training and possibly they believe things will get better.

This webcast covers techniques that have proved effective in the past in managing poor performers in the workplace.

Timothy Holden is the founder of Toronto Training and HR Inc. (
His career involved banking and consultancy before establishing his own business in 2006, and he has considerable experience of performance management. In his role as a Training and Human Resources consultant he believes that his success to date comes from providing best-in-class, respectful and solution-focused answers that create understanding and foster skills development linked to SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives. Utilizing an extensive library of case studies and examples of best practice he produces customized recommendations for large and small organizations that really work.

02/27/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
02/27/2013 4:00 pm o'clock
Lynn Lievonen

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Partners, Managing Directors and HR professionals employed in the following organizations:
  • Employers who suffer from lower than ideal levels of engagement
  • Employers who find it difficult to measure performance in an objective way
  • Employers who have experienced layoffs in recent times
  • Employers who find it tricky to terminate under-performing employees

What you will learn:

How forward-thinking employers manage poor performance

The steps that can be taken with poor performers with minimal conflict

Approaches and initiatives to take to deal with poor performance without using tribunals or ex-gratia payments

Recommended Resources:

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