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Event Calendar / “ I Can’t Get No… Satisfaction!”
Details & Time Frame
“ I Can’t Get No… Satisfaction!”
Employees have spoken – and less than half of them are satisfied with their reward and recognition programs. Do you know how effective your programs and program investments are? To lead, manage and motivate 'human resources' requires us to have new, deeper insights into human behavior theory and what drives people to make choices and take action. To that end, this webinar will share some of the latest in human science, particularly from the area of social cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics that shed new light on what really makes us tick. Further, we will look at a recent study fielded by Maritz Motivation Solutions, in conjunction with The Maritz Institute, which was conducted to help employers understand employee values, attitudes, intentions, and reward and recognition preferences. Results showed less than half of employees feel meaningfully rewarded and recognized, despite increased spending among companies to improve employee reward and recognition programs. In addition, the study indicated a relationship between how effectively employees felt rewarded and recognized and several factors that can be improved with good program design. The study also identified a relationship between feeling meaningfully recognized and levels of overall employee engagement. The study asked respondents questions that categorized them into one of four primary value segments– Altruists, Drivers, Pioneers and Stabilizers. By understanding the values held by each of these employee segments, companies can develop approaches that take into account the wants, needs and motivators for distinct employee groups. This knowledge can help companies tailor communications, rules, rewards and recognition to meaningfully engage more employees in achieving the company’s mission and goals, and help better align business and personal goals for mutual benefit.
02/04/2013 12:30 pm o'clock
02/04/2013 1:30 pm o'clock
Helen Spittle

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any HR professional. Of particular interest to those responsible for or managing total rewards, total compensation, incentive compensation, non-cash incentive or recognition programs.

What you will learn:

  1. Key insights into the latest science of human behavior and motivation
  2. Key insights on what impacts the success of an employee reward and recognition program
  3. Design perspectives and tools to optimize your programs to optimize the employee experience and drive better business outcomes.

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