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Event Calendar / Using Social Media to Leverage Yourself as an Expert online training
Details & Time Frame
Using Social Media to Leverage Yourself as an Expert online training
One of the best ways for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and speakers to use social media is to grow their positioning in their industry as an expert. Face it – your clients, customers, partners, vendors, investors, friends, prospects and future employers are all searching for you online. This session will show you how to build a positive expert brand for yourself online, and how to translate your brand in to actual business value. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to position yourself and grow your community of fans and supporters. In this day and age, your network is more valuable than ever, and this program will show you exactly how to build an expert reputation that you can leverage for the rest of your career.

Topic: Using Social Media to Leverage Yourself as an Expert
Date: February 26th, 2013
Time: 1:30 pm-3:00 pm
Investment: $27
Location: online
*If you can't make the webinar on February 26th, you can still purchase the training at the $27 rate and download it afterwards as a recording and get the free downloads and templates as well!

-Educational presentation
-Case studies/Examples
-Free downloads and templates

-Why social media presence is so important for growing your personal brand
-What networks you need to get active in for your line of work
-Step-by-step methods for creating an effective plan to build your brand
-What kind of content to post on social networks to leverage yourself as an expert in your field
-Success stories of people who have used social media to grow their -brand
-What your competitors are doing to use social networks to get ahead in 2013
-The latest tools, trends, and tactics to grow your presence on the web

02/26/2013 1:30 pm o'clock
02/26/2013 3:00 pm o'clock
Krista Neher

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