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Event Calendar / Transformational Leadership and Mentoring!
Details & Time Frame
Transformational Leadership and Mentoring!
Today organizations are faced with many challenges. In a recent Harvard Business Review Blog on leadership it was identified that nearly 60% of companies are facing leadership talent shortages that will impede their performance. A further 31% expect to be impacted in a similar fashion during the next several years. All of this coupled with the ongoing business challenges of an aging workforce, the overall talent shortages, lack of succession planning/succession development, a mobile workforce that may change jobs as much as 20 times over the course of their career and a disengaged workforce have created the need to have strong leaders at the helm.

This presentation will look at the role of transformational leadership and how it is the leadership style required to lead us into the future. We will look at the definition of this style of leadership and the qualtiies of a transformational leader. As we go through this discussion we will look at why we actually need this type of leadership style. We will share experiences of where the lack of a transformational leader has resulted in a disengaged workforce resulting in impacts to productivity and profitability.

We will then explore the aspect of mentoring and the history of mentoring. Mentoring has been around for centuries and continues to evolve and have a more prominent role in a lot of organizations. We will look at what the business value for mentoring is and what is the skill sets of a good mentor.

With an understanding of transformational leadership and the skills that are required we will then draw a comparison to how it relates to mentoring and the common skill sets shared by both. We will examine the positive impacts that transformational leadership and mentoring bring to an organization and the business value that can be recognized from this partnership of skills.

02/04/2013 11:00 am o'clock
02/04/2013 12:00 pm o'clock
Doug Lawrence

Webcast information

Who should participate:

This presentation would be of value to HR practitioners and to business leaders that are looking at finding solutions to the business challenges that they are facing today and into the future.

What you will learn:

  • Participants will learn what transformational leadership is and the skills required for that role.
  • Participants will learn what mentoring is and the skills required for that role.
  • Participants will learn the skills shared by both.
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