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Event Calendar / The Social Media Garden: A Digital Era Research Study into Social Media at Work
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The Social Media Garden: A Digital Era Research Study into Social Media at Work
Social technologies are offering some truly pioneering ways of enhancing collaboration and generating feedback from employees. This is exciting not only because it provides participants with a more engaging experience, but also because it creates broader opportunities for using their input. Capturing people’s interactions through social technology, and applying the latest text analytics, offers a new and rich source of insight. We are on the cusp of a real paradigm shift in the way organisations do research with their people: it’s becoming more social.

This session will cover how advances in social media and digital technologies challenge conventional ways of thinking about research within organisations and how they enable diverse ways of generating knowledge.

The session will begin by providing a brief introduction into how social arenas can be used for research purposes and how they offer multiple advantages in comparison to more traditional modes of research. We will then go on to explore how new developments in the following three fields of expertise are converging to make a big impact on employee research: social media as a feedback mechanism, text/sentiment analysis and using data visualisations as a user interface. These developments will be illustrated using Social Media Garden - an open access research project that uses the wisdom of crowds to generate insight about the barriers organisations face in adopting social media practices in the work place.

The session will conclude by examining the many barriers that organisations face in embracing social media practices as these developments become more widespread.
02/19/2013 11:00 am o'clock
02/19/2013 12:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

People who are interested in collaboration and innovation or those introducing, or expanding, social media technologies within their organisation.

What you will learn:

    The power of social media as a feedback mechanism in organisations
  • Advances in text and sentiment analysis
  • Developments in data visualisations as a user interface
  • The barriers to organisations in implementing social media practices

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