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Event Calendar / Ensuring Pay for Performance in a Say on Pay Environment
Details & Time Frame
Ensuring Pay for Performance in a Say on Pay Environment
The SEC's mandate of non-binding, shareholder “Say on Pay” votes in 2011 has ushered the executive compensation world into a new era. Shareholders now have a more prominent medium to voice approval or concerns. Proxy advisors like ISS and Glass Lewis have become more empowered than ever before, compensation designs are being carefully revisited, proxy disclosure enhanced, and the incessant debate about pay and performance alignment has been amplified. With the majority of shareholders voting for annual Say on Pay votes, the obstacles new to Compensation Committees and HR Management teams for the 2012 proxy seasons are becoming constant considerations.

The good news is that there are a number of lessons to take away from the 2011 and 2012 proxy seasons and use to inform our compensation programs and disclosures moving forward. For example:

•       What concepts mattered most to shareholders when casting their votes?
•       How much impact do proxy advisors really have on Say on Pay votes?
•       What is the best way to tangibly demonstrate pay and performance alignment to shareholders?

We expand our discussion of the ever-important concept of paying for performance at the executive level. Which we begin by defining “Realizable Pay” and how it is being used more prominently in pay program analyses and public disclosure. Using realizable pay, in our research and client studies, we have found (i) that it is the superior pay metric to use in measuring pay alignment to performance and (ii) there is in fact pay for performance at the executive level, despite what many pay critics say.

Building on the discussion of pay for performance, we provide an update of the proxy advisor (ISS and Glass Lewis) perspective on the subject. And take participants through an actual case study conducted for one of our clients, a Fortune 250 company.

We close with practical considerations for HR professionals with respect to navigating the new Say on Pay environment.

06/12/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
06/12/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
Brian Lane

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Any HR professional, particularly those with interest or responsibilities in the executive compensation arena. In today’s Say on Pay environment it is critical that all HR professionals have a high-level understanding of executive compensation and how pay and performance are aligned.

What you will learn:

• Key lessons from the 2011 and 2012 proxy seasons with respect to Say on Pay • What is realizable pay? And how to use it to assess pay and performance alignment • Details of the new for 2012 ISS pay for performance tests • Practical Say on Pay and pay for performance considerations going forward

Recommended Resources:

• Background reading: • Public proxy filings of your peer companies and industry comparators • Proxy advisor websites and white papers
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