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Event Calendar / 6,000 Employees & 140 Offices—How Masco uses content management to meet the paperwork challenge
Details & Time Frame
6,000 Employees & 140 Offices—How Masco uses content management to meet the paperwork challenge
Masco Contractor Services (MCS) is a group of independent companies that are subsidiaries of Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. MCS is the nation’s leading installer of residential building products, such as insulation, fireplaces, gutters, garage doors and closet shelving, for brand names including Behr, Delta and Kraftmaid among others. MCS has locations in or near most major metropolitan cities in the U.S

MCS has 6,000 employees spread out across the U.S. HR document management is complicated because the company hires and rehires a large volume of employees each year. Before they implemented a content management solution, this challenge was compounded because onboarding is done at 140+ offices throughout the U.S., with HR administration centralized in Daytona, FL, and it was all done with a paper-based system that required many manual steps to create a complete employee file ‒ around 80 pages per employee – for each hire. MCS decided the case for a content management solution was clear.

MCS conducted a thorough RFP process, received pricing and details. The selection team was specifically looking for a solution that would integrate easily with its existing HRIS and other applications. In addition, the new technology had to offer the opportunity for business users to own the solution with minimal professional services from the vendor or support from MCS’ IT department.

In this presentation, you’ll learn the key driver behind MCS’s choice of a content management solution. This presentation also will cover five important strategies that helped MCS extend the content management solution with minimal resistance from the HR team and no disruption to processes.

04/12/2012 11:00 am o'clock
04/12/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

HR professionals at all levels; HRIS personnel

What you will learn:

1. How to align HR processes and related content in a distributed environment 2. The qualities to look for in a project owner/facilitator for a content management deployment 3. How to expand content management to additional areas with the least amount of disruption

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