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April 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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1326 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Improving Inefficient Payroll Systems - Facts you Should Know Addressing Employee Stress, Health, Costs & Productivity: New Evidence-based Solutions for Employers 27 Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Inspire, Motivate and "Engage" Employees How To Become An ANTHROPOMAXIMOLOGIST And Why! 28 Trends in High-Volume Hiring Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Key Practices for Leadership Development HCM sans frontièrs: Managing your global workforce 29 Will Cloud Computing Rain on Your Talent Parade? Using HR Technology to Make Non-Profit Talent Management a Reality Speaker Training on 2012-03-29 The Future of Learning Utilizing a Six Sigma Approach to Reduce Unwanted Turnover 30 HR Star Conference Los Angeles Speaker Training on 2012-03-30 31 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program
142 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Introduction to Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities The First Step to Great Leadership: Creating a Compelling Vision Global Competency Within a Leadership Framework Change With Transformational Leadership STR8-TALK for Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Feedback with Candor & Care Improving Inefficient HR Systems - Facts You Should Know Navigational Coaching - Creating Leaders from Managers by Teaching the Art of Coaching Speaker Training on 2012-04-02 The Responsible, Resilient & Risk-Taking Leader: Turning on Your “Passion Power” Maximizing the Middle: Why Focusing on Skills and Talents Below the Top 10% Mark Will Yield Returns Leadership at a Crossroads 3 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities POWER TEAMS: THE NEW SQUARE ROOT MODEL TM THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! Leading for a change: A powerful leadership development/change platform for strategic growth Best Practices for Predictive Analytics in Workforce Analytics Can You Change the DNA of Your Organization Through Coaching? Leading During Change Utilizing Personal Resilience Is your talent strategy fit for growth? The Leader’s Edge: Five Success Factors Every Leader Must Know Global Leadership Skills Development Superstars Derailed: How to Predict Success and Failure in Talented Leaders Leadership Conversations that Create Breakthroughs 4 Payroll Introduction to Institute for Human Resources: Payroll Using Process Modeling to Improve Payroll (and other HR) Performance Metrics Payroll Administration for International Assignments: Your Road to Success ROI on Wellness Programs: Fact or Fiction? Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Great People to Stay Let's Play Nice-Human Resources and Payroll Communications The P90X workout and Effective Performance Compensation - 10 Keys to Success Changing your payroll schedule – Strategies for success 5 Payroll The Power of a Workforce Risk Analysis in Talent Planning Calculating Overtime: Are You in Compliance? 6 7 8
159 10 Speaker Training on 2012-04-10 HR Certified: Your Key to Career Success and Advancement Performance or engagement management: What really improves knowledge worker performance? 11 HR & EEO in the Federal Workplace Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference Recruitment Process Outsourcing Introduction and Opening Remarks to Recruitment Process Outsourcing Virtual Event Recruitment Process Outsourcing The lifeblood for many businesses Strategic & Tactical Sourcing for RPO Building a Business Case for Online Onboarding Accessing and Using the Known Predictors of Performance A Survey of Top Executives Reveals Why Employment Recovery is Slow and What You Can Do About It 12 Recruitment Process Outsourcing 6,000 Employees & 140 Offices—How Masco uses content management to meet the paperwork challenge Linear Recruiting Model - Better than Full-life-cycle Tips & Pointers for Conducting Process Improvements Projects Speaker Training on 2012-04-12 Early Adoption Against HR's Nature? To RPO or Not to RPO: That is a BIG question 13 14 15 Mental Health and Addictions Conference
1616 World Congress Employer Health, Human Capital & Wellness Congress (Annual) World Health Care Congress Workforce Planning and Analytics Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources in Workforce Planning and Analytics How To Gain Insight Into Your Workforce: DeVry’s Path to Seeing Their Organization in a New Light Data Integrity: The Foundation for Successful Workforce Planning & Analytics Energize Employees and Drive High Performance Leveraging Analytics to Drive Contingent Labor Program Performance Speaker Training on 2012-04-16 The Six Universal Drivers of Employee Engagement Workforce Planning & Analytics: Taking the Next Step How to Achieve Greater Organizational Support for Workforce Analytics 17 Workforce Planning and Analytics Speaker Training on 2012-04-17 Strategically Planning Your Future Success: Case Study for Applying Workforce Planning and Analytics 1st Dodge the Headcount Forecast –5 Great Qualitative Ways to Drive Change with Workforce Planning Ultimate Survival Guide for (Good) Managers: Protecting Yourself from Unfair Bullying Charges Applying the Power of Scenario Planning to Strategic Workforce Planning Building the Business Case for Strategic Human Capital Management The 2012 Cost-Per-Hire Standard Workforce Planning & Talent Management: How does this all fit together? How to Launch a Successful Workforce Planning Center of Expertise (COE) Identifying Tomorrows Leaders: Applying a multi-dimensional talent management approach Beyond Engagement: Turning Your Employee Surveys into Strategic Weapons 18 Online Staffing and Sourcing "Would I Work Here?": Three Keys to Building a Corporate Website that Attracts Top Talent E-Verify: What You Should Know About Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Filtering Applicants via Pre-employment Assessment & Interview Technology The Global Picture of Employee Engagement: Key Global Survey Results Revealed Building a Solid Platform for Highly Functioning Teams Social Recruiting 101 Upgrade Your Wellness Program With Smart Incentives Fixing Hiring Through Science From Searchable to Social: Talent Pools of Today & Tomorrow 19 Online Staffing and Sourcing International Society for Performance Improvement Link Between Performance and Compensation Management Talent Acquisition: Above and Beyond Just Recruiting Best Practices: "No" Tech Methods for Effective use of Recruitment Technology Attracting Top Talent Through Social Media Is At-Home Pre-Employment Testing as Effective as On-Site Testing? The Impact of Exchanges on Employer-Based Health Care Employment is Broken...if it had a Name it would be Sybil! Compensation Reviews in 2012: Examining Your Pay Systems for Discrimination Social Recruiting: Winning Strategies for Recruiting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Hiring for the Long Haul: Interviewing Techniques to Select the Best Hourly Employee Talent: Attracting and Selecting Brand Ambassadors Fundamentals of Advertising for The Entry Level & Hourly Workforce 20 Speaker Training on 2012-04-20 21 22
1723 Canadian Management Centres Administrative Professionals Conference Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Virtual Conference Introduction to the Contract Workforce and Talent Exchange Virtual Event Goal alignment using an integrated approach Virtual Teams; Creating Context in a Virtual World Uncovering the Mysteries of the Contingent Workforce: 2012 Survey Results How to navigate the potentially treacherous waters when using independent contract consultants Navigating Recent Developments in Worker Classification Talentomics: Nine Ways HR Must Adapt to Find Talent 24 Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Virtual Conference Speaker Training on 2012-04-24 Consulting Services & SOW Projects: Manage Better, Spend Less Outsourcing Health Plan Administration: Can you "pass the buck" on liability? Avoid Hiring Unauthorized Workers: Beyond SSN Trace with Absolute Validation of Personal Identifiers Trends in Talent Management: Opportunities for the Healthcare Industry Contingent Labor - Balance Cost Vs Quality New eLearning Tools. What's here and what's coming this year! The Growth of the Contingent Workforce: How Companies Can Benefit From Utilizing Contingent Labor 25 British Columbia Human Resources Management Association Conference Leveraging Your Workforce for 21st Century Deployment Speaker Training on 2012-04-25 Hiring + 90 Wisdom and M4R Model: Managing and Engaging in the First Quarter 26 Rewards & Recognition IHR Rewards & Recognition Opening Remarks The Gamification of Wellness: Employee Rewards and Recognition Combine to Combat Obesity Top Ten Ideas to Freshen Up Your Employee Incentive Program & Make it a Success Why current HR Absenteeism Reduction Policies will "never" work & how the latest technology can help How To Become An ANTHROPOMAXIMOLOGIST And Why! How Personal Legacy Propels Enterprise Success A Basic Guide to Twitter for Business The Kind Of Employee Loyalty That Changes Everything Top 10 Compensation Mistakes Made By Small Businesses Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Gains in Employee Engagement Building Blocks to Driving Employee Engagement The Evolution of Reference-Checking into a Strategic Hiring Solution 27 Rewards & Recognition Communicate or Die: Leading Through Listening Acting Trendy: Making Business Trends Work for Your Rewards Program If Metrics are so Important, Why isn’t Everyone Doing it? The Big E: Engaging, Empowering and Enriching Employees for Increased Earnings Member Recognition – Start With The End In Mind Understanding Motivation, Performance and Reward Strategies 28 29
1830 International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) HRMS Strategies Conference and Technology Exposition The power of strategic alignment: Leverage your values to clarify priorities and drive engagement What's the Cloud Got to do With HR Transformation? Speaker Training on 2012-04-30 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) HRMS Strategies Conference and Technology Exposition Speaker Training on 2012-05-01 The Freak Factory: Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse How to eliminate payroll checks with debit PayCards A Survey of Top Executives Reveals Why Employment Recovery is Slow and What You Can Do About It Right People, Right Place, Right Time… Easy… Right?: A Framework for Strategic Workforce Planning 2 IHR Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Introduction to the Canadian Masters in HR Strategy & Execution Event The Engaged and Disengaged Employee in a Mentoring Culture Meditation for Non-Meditators: Why Meditation can be a Valuable Tool Within Your Organization Using Workforce Planning to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission Influential Leadership: Be The Leader Others Want to Follow, Work for & Aspire to Become Value Structure and Job Fit: An Introduction to Formal Axiology (no math required). Scale the Ladder of Success without Self-Sabotage and Sacrifice 3 IHR Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution Bridging the Workforce Productivity Gap in Canada: the solution's not where most people are looking. Sourcing: The Hunger Games Edition Coaching Leaders to Personalize Their Own Guide to Highly Effective Leadership Empowering Your Social Workforce in the Cloud Speaker Training on 2012-05-03 Is Your Organizational Culture a 'Me' or a 'We' Culture? IC Management; Time To Get Ready 4 5 6
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