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January 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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5226 Public BOLT @ Vadodara Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program 27 28 29 30 31 1 Public BOLT @ Vadodara Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Beyond Facebook and Twitter – Social Media Recruiting in 2014 Sabbatical Policies Still in Doubt for California Employers: Is it just another form of vacation? Population Health Management: Can Employers Really Make a Difference in Health Care Costs? New Employee Safety Orientation: Effective Training Techniques
12 3 Speaker Training on 2012-01-03 4 Speaker Training on 2012-01-04 Coaching Skills for HR Professionals 5 Speaker Training on 2012-01-05 6 7 8 RetailROI
29 Advantages of RPO for Contact Centre Recruitment Motivating Millennials Through Facebook My Knees May Not Work But I Still Can-- Adapting the Workplace for the Aging Employee Speaker Training on 2012-01-09 10 Online Staffing and Sourcing Speaker Training on 2012-01-10 Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources - Online Staffing and Sourcing ENGAGING EMPLOYEES THROUGH TRADITIONAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA Use Social Media to Extend Your Campus Employment Brand Cost-Effective Staffing for Unprecedented Times Recruitment - The Future is Social Avoid Hiring Unauthorized Workers / Protect Vital Interests; Personal Identifier Absolute Validation Creating a Culture of Hiring Amazing People Sourcing Strategies - Old School vs. New School 11 Online Staffing and Sourcing Spotting Diamonds in the Rough - Mining for Top Performers with Psychological Assessments Tools Online Recruitment: Are we playing catch-up with technology? 5 Secrets to Engaging "Lost Riders" on Your Virtual Teams Speaker Training on 2012-01-11 Virtual Job Fairs: Where is the value? Creating ROI by Systematizing Social Referrals Avoiding (Un)Intentional Discrimination When Recruiting Via Social Media Online Staffing & Sourcing – The Internet Changes Everything Beyond Spreadsheets - Cloud Computing for HR Cuts Time and Costs Top Trends in Voluntary Benefits: Applicant Tracking and Dispositioning for Federal Contractors 12 Speaker Training on 2012-01-12 Screening during a recession: Find out what 30,000 did 13 Getting Buy-in for Your HR Initiatives: Applying C-Level Thinking for Faster and Better Results 14 International Forum Annual Meeting 15 National Retail Federation (NRF)
316 How to Improve Quality-of-Hire with Reference-Checking Understanding how to Motivate/Engage Employees on an Individual Level-Phase 2 Engagement Strategy. 17 Technology Enabled Learning Recruitment Process Outsourcing Speaker Training on 2012-01-17 Introduction and Opening Remarks to Recruitment Process Outsourcing Virtual Event IHR Technology Enabled Learning M Support. The Other M Learning RPO From Procurement’s View The 1000% Return on Investment Leveraging Performance Management Technology! Considerations for the Use of Serious Games in Training From Angry Birds to Hog Heaven Make the Leap! Strategy, Accountability, and Design Tips for ‘New School’ Learning Using Learning Technology To Increase Safety & Decrease Claims in 2012 RPO – Make Better Hiring Decisions Best Practices in HR Employee Development RPO RFX Process: Best Practices to Obtaining the Visibility you need to Avoid a Failed Engagement How to Identify, Negotiate, Pitch and Sell Your HR Strategic Plan To Your CEO and Executive Team 18 Technology Enabled Learning Recruitment Process Outsourcing iHT2 Health IT Summit RPO Spotlight: Emergence of Africa Social Learning: Beyond the Hype (Getting Results with Social Media) Taming the Wild Horse - Offshore RPO Leveraging Rapid Knowledge Sharing To Empower Your Organization Virtual Teams Working Without Borders Towards a new state in Talent Acquisition How to Manage Large Scale Learning Initiatives Painlessly Hiring Relevant Talent Not Just Available Talent 19 Appraisals Are Dead! Long Live Performance Management Speaker Training on 2012-01-19 20 21 22
423 What You Need to Know About Labor Management Software Speaker Training on 2012-01-23 Beyond Incentives: Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Make Lifestyle Changes 24 Payroll Speaker Training on 2012-01-24 Introduction to Institute for Human Resources: Payroll 6 Ways to Enhance The Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing in the EMEA Region Wage and Hour Laws: Common Issues and Recent Initiatives Impacting Pay Practices Healthcare Reform and its Impact on Payroll The Impact of Say-on-Pay: How Plans, Programs and Disclosures are Changing in Response to Dodd-Frank Why Communicating Total Rewards Matters in Any Economy THE 4P's of STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP Unwrapping the I-9 Process and DHS Programs Return on Employee Investment 25 Payroll American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) TechKnowledge Conference & Expo (Annual) 100% Direct Deposit - The Benefits of Paycards in the Payroll Department Integrated Talent Management: 101 Speaker Training on 2012-01-25 Utilize Process Improvement Methodologies to Improve Payroll What Employers Must Know About Child Support How an Effective Talent Network Helps You Source Top Talent Confronting the Challenges of Multi-Country Payroll: from Business Planning to Vendor Selection 26 Quality of Hire Rewards and Recognition Introduction to Quality of Hire Virtual Event Introduction to IHR Rewards & Recognition The Top Ten Trends for Background Checks Your Applicants Have Something to Hide: Why You're Not Finding It Engaging People and Building Brands The Year of The Employee - Strategies for Engaging Employees Online in 2012 Don’t Be Fooled! A Savvy Buyer’s Guide to Pre-Employment Assessment Flipping the Funnel - Assess Culture Fit Not the CV - Using Online Video What Really Matters in Quality of Hire: The Hard Science of Soft Skills Getting Recognition Right: Putting A Strategic and Practical Spin on Employee Recognition Avoid Hiring Unauthorized Workers / Protect Vital Interests; Personal Identifier Absolute Validation The Trouble With Money 27 Quality of Hire Rewards and Recognition How to Consistently Source and Hire Productive Sales Agents Hiring for the Long Haul: Interviewing Techniques to Select the Best Introducing Global Total Reward: An Exercise in Change Management Leading Through Language Transforming Talent Acquistion with Live Virtual Interviews The Role and Impact of Rewards & Recognition Corporate Wellness Programs Meaningful Results: Powered by People Using Pre-employment Attitudinal Measures of Ethics to Assess Managerial and Executive Candidates Speaker Training on 2012-01-27 Hiring to Fit Your Culture The Value of Values - HR’s Pivotal Role How to Improve Quality of Hire with New Online Reference Checking Globalizing Your Recognition Program Work Life Balance: Recognizing and Engaging with purpose 28 29
530 Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges Careers Conference Introduction to the Contract Workforce and Talent Exchange Virtual Event Choosing a Compensation Consultant – Post-Dodd-Frank Advisory Board Discussion on Industry Trends in Contingent Workforce Management Developing a Global Talent Acquisition Mindset to Attract the Contingent Workforce Alternative Staffing Organizations: Connecting Unemployed Job Seekers to Temporary/Temp-to-perm Work Whiteboard to Reality: Win Funding for Your 2012 TM Strategy Do Contingent Workers Really Cost Less? A Cost-Value Analysis Speaker Training on 2012-01-30 Demystifying the Marketing on Vendor Neutrality Improving workplace safety & health in the temporary agency sector 31 Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges National Health Benefits Conference and Expo Speaker Training on 2012-01-31 Taking Strategic Workforce Planning Global Integrating the Contingent Workforce into the Overall Talent Mix How to Improve HR Service Delivery with Fewer Resources and Lower Costs Industry Trends in Contingent Workforce Recruitment, Engagement, and Sourcing Employee Scheduling in the Cloud Enable VMS to do true workforce management 1 Public BOLT @ Vadodara Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Corporate Health, Wellness & Benefits Summit Careers Conference National Health Benefits Conference and Expo Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual HRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show Employee Wellness Integrated Talent Management Introduction to Employee Wellness Virtual Event Introduction and Opening Remarks to Integrated Talent Management Mentoring - A Progressive Business Solution for Organization Excellence" Using Proven Trends and Challenges to Define and Implement a Wellness Program that Delivers HR.Com Wellness Survey Results How Reducing Stress Prevents Turnover and Keeps Employees Engaged The Business Case for Employee Wellness Programs You’ve Got Talent. Use it or lose it! Leveraging assessments to help maximize potential Integration that Drives Employee Performance Looking to Maximize your Team's Brain Power? The relationship between wellness & cognitive function. Building a Talent Pipeline: How to Stop Planning for Succession and Start Managing It From Wellness to Wellbeing: An Integrated Health & Productivity Solution Career Latticing-Impact on the Business The Far Reaching Impact of Wellness Fairs How to Run Healthy and Safe ‘Biggest Loser’ Weight Loss Challenges The A - Z of Competency modeling for Integrated Talent Management 2 Employee Wellness Integrated Talent Management Physical Ability Testing: Considerations for a Workforce that’s Aging What it really takes to make wellness work and why most approaches to wellness fail Drive Organizational Results Through Employee Engagement Worksite Wellness on a Shoestring Budget: Low Cost – No Cost Programming Ideas Strategic Health Management: 10 Strategies for HR Leaders to Drive Employee Health and Productivity Moving from Subjective to Objective: The Role of Assessments in Selection and Talent Management Create "EmployeePreneurs" through Performance Management Getting People to Change: From Carrots & Sticks to Making Meaning Half the Man, Twice the Man Pay for Performance: A Clear Signal for Retention and Engagement Top Takeaways from 2011 Wellness and Screening Trends that will Impact Everyone in 2012 “Pathway to a Healthy and Productive Workforce” Integrated Talent Management Strategy: Reality or Rumor 3 Speaker Training on 2012-02-03 4 5
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