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January 2013 Virtual Conference Webcast
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131 SAP HR TRAINING Tom Sonde of SilverRoad Solutions has been invited to Present: Tips & Pointers for Conducting Process Improvement Projects Best HR Junior Blog 1 SAP HR TRAINING Tom Sonde of SilverRoad Solutions has been invited to Present: Tips & Pointers for Conducting Process Improvement Projects Best HR Junior Blog Job Hazard Analysis Done Right 2 Speaker Training on 2013-01-02 Speaker Training on 2013-01-02 3 Speaker Training on 2013-01-03 4 5 6
27 Succession Planning: The ESOP Solution How to reduce employee stress and improve performance, morale and attendance. Speaker Training on 2013-01-07 8 Global HR Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager Speaker Training on 2013-01-08 Measuring the ROI of Coaching How To Get Employees Up-To-Speed in Record Time 9 Getting Results from LinkedIn training class Speaker Training on 2013-01-09 Eating Well on Business Trips: Nutrition Tips for Road Warriors Getting Results from LinkedIn online training 10 Technology Enabled Learning Introduction and Opening Remarks: Technology Enabled Learning Virtual Conference The Knowledge Explosion: How to crank up productivity and be a dynamite leader Five High-Impact Virtual Learning Solutions Knowledge Management: The Retrieval of Vanishing and Under-Utilized Knowledge Reserves Strategies to Empower Learners within a Learning Management System Speaker Training on 2013-01-10 Virtual Training: Building a Global Training Strategy Revitalize Your Recognition Program Battle of the eLearning Tools Book Launch Party Book Launch Party 11 Technology Enabled Learning Mitigating the Risk of Wage Claims: Workers misclassification and IRS Audit Craft Compelling Content for Dynamic Live Online Training Strategy for a Successful Learning Management System (LMS) Replacement On Demand Essentials - What organizations and learning leaders need to know Keys to a Knowledge Sharing Culture Four steps to successful Agile Learning in 2013 12 13
314 Online Staffing and Sourcing Introduction and Opening Remarks: Online Staffing and Sourcing Virtual Conference Social, Sourcing and my EVP – OH MY! A back to basics, get you started on the right track seminar Ten Components of a Strategic College Recruiting Program Speaker Training on 2013-01-14 Building a Business Case for Video Interviewing 15 Online Staffing and Sourcing Quality of Hire Quality of Hire Demo with Checkster Effective Discipline and Lawsuit-Proof Termination Quality of Hire Opening Remarks Hiring for Attitude: Recruiting and Selecting People with Tremendous Skills and Superb Attitude Pre-Employment Assessment: HR’s Proven Formula for Bottom Line Success Onboarding in the Age of "Y" When, Why and How to Use Mobile Technology in Your Recruitment Efforts Is Video Interviewing Right for You? Making Sense of Online Recruitment: How to Track Results and Make the Most of Your Budget 10 Tips on Sourcing for Hard-to-fill Positions Quality of Hire Demo with Checkster - Automate Reference Checking – Save Time – Get Better Quality Hires Quality of Hire Demo with Checkster - Automate Reference Checking – Save Time – Get Better Quality Hires Top 5 Ways to Improve Quality of Hire 16 Quality of Hire Certified OD Specialist Quality of Hire Demo with HireVue Dealing with the New EEOC Criminal Guidance Social Media ROI: How to Engineer Return into Your Social Media training class Predictive Reference Checking? Using Assessment-Logic to Make Reference Checking Relevant Again Speaker Training on 2013-01-16 Next-Generation Workforce Health Promotion Certifications & Outcome-Based Tools OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping – What You NEED To Know TODAY! Background Checks in the 21st Century: How to Navigate Through the Laws Impacting Hiring Practices Obamacare: 2013 Update and New Plan Design Strategies Social Media ROI: How to Engineer Return in Your Social Media online training Quality of Hire, Can it really be improved? (Demo) Quality of Hire, Can it really be improved? (Demo) 17 The Confusing Issue of “Working Time” And The Danger It Poses To Employers Boosting the Performance of your RPO Services Speaker Training on 2013-01-17 Contract Workers:Best Practices for Compliantly & Cost-effectively Paying Temps, Consultants & 1099s Big Data for HR: What Is It? What Should I Do? Why Online Video is changing the Candidate Engagement Mode Contract Workers: Best Practices for Compliantly and Cost-effectively Paying Temps, Consultants and 1099 Independent Contractors 18 NO BAD HIRES WEBINAR 19 CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE & COMPETENCY DEVELOPER 20
421 Speaker Training on 2013-01-21 22 European Procurement Transformation Summit Payroll Speaker Training on 2013-01-22 Introduction and Opening Remarks: Payroll Virtual Conference The Benefits of a Paperless Paycard Program Out Of The Depths: Combating Depression In The Workplace Getting Results from LinkedIn training EU Payroll and Employment Law The Freelance Revolution: How HR Can Embrace And Profit From Today’s Changing Landscape. The Collision of Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance in the Cloud - It's Inevitable Getting Results from LinkedIn online training Making Workforce Analytics Stick: Pitfalls, Challenges, and Stick-and-Stay Strategies 23 Payroll Recordkeeping and Record Retention Speaker Training on 2013-01-23 Extreme Makeover – Payroll Edition FICA SUB Pay Protective Filings in the Wake of Quality Stores: Don’t Forfeit Your Tax Refund $$ Improved Sourcing Increases Quality of Hire Drafting an Enforceable Non-Compete Agreement Independent Contractor or Common Law Employee? The I.R.S. Guidelines 24 Rewards and Recognition Complying with FLSA - How to Determine Exempt Status & Calculate Overtime Correctly IHR Rewards & Recognition Opening Remarks Use Recognition and Rewards to Grow Future Leaders Employee Recognition - Top 5 Ways Companies Use Social Media Speaker Training on 2013-01-24 Leveraging the Intersection of Talent and Diversity to Grow Your Leadership Pipeline Electronic Recognition, A Virtual “Good Job” for Today’s Workforce Recognition programs that pack a punch: a strategic and integrated approach for big results 25 Rewards and Recognition The Future of Employee Recognition is Here... Are you Ready? The Cultural Fit Factor, How to Attract, Retain and Repel the right employee The Value of Peer-to-Peer Recognition 26 27
528 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Opening Remarks to the Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities January 2013 Virtual Event Be the Hero – Using your brain to boost your emotion and perform at your best Wicked Leadership: Effectively Lead Yourself and Show Others How to do the Same 12 Ways to Develop Remarkable Leaders The Power of Personal Branding for Career Success Managing the Millennial Generation Leading through Radical and Disruptive Change Speaker Training on 2013-01-28 Leadership through the Eyes of the Horse The Seven Hidden Reasons People Disengage & Leave The Coaching Leader: How to Lead Engagement, Accountability & Productivity through Coaching 29 Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Simplifying Succession Plans Speaker Training on 2013-01-29 4 Essential Tips to Convert your Employees to Talent Brand Ambassadors To Drive Innovation, Organizations First Need to Learn How to Fail. Talent Management for Small to Mid Size Businesses Strategic HR: Enabling Leaders To Drive Strategy, Execution And Change - Part 1 Building Your Leadership Brand Taking an Inventory of Your Leadership Skills Career Pathing: How To Create A Career Development Framework The Seven Invisible Pitfalls of Change Management Leading the Generations Deconstructing Turnover HR Leader…Are You Coachable? Accelerating HR Talent Development Becoming a Better Listener 30 Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges Opening Remarks & Introduction to Contract Workforce & Talent Exchanges January Virtual Event Social Media Policies & The NLRB: Practical Guidance for Navigating the Latest Litigation Minefield Contingent Workforce Interactive Panel Discussion with Industry Experts Speaker Training on 2013-01-30 Seven Tips to Increase Vendor Buy-in for Contingent Workforce Management Programs Open house Flatter, Leaner and Blended Workforce: Prescription for Business Model Success in the 21st Century Improving Candidate Quality with Reference-Checking SmartUp: Feasting on Social Recruiting 31 Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges Auditing the Human Resource Function & Human Resource Metrics Auditing the Human Resource Function: In-person Seminar Manage your Contingent Workforce Faster, Better and Cheaper Through Social Media Speaker Training on 2013-01-31 The 2020 Workplace: Keys to attracting, developing and retaining tomorrow’s employees today Enhance Workforce Output: Making the case for Managed Service Programs and Vendor Management Systems Free Webinar: Learn How to Avoid "BAD HIRES" The Changing Face of Staffing Industry: Are You Ready? They Came From Sacramento: California Legislature’s 2012 Work Product for Private Sector Employers 1 SAP HR TRAINING Tom Sonde of SilverRoad Solutions has been invited to Present: Tips & Pointers for Conducting Process Improvement Projects Auditing the Human Resource Function & Human Resource Metrics Human Resource Metrics: In-person Seminar 2 3
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