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June 2011 Virtual Conference Webcast
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2230 31 Linking Talent Management Strategy to Business Strategy Candidate Analytics Unleashed 1 Workforce Planning & Analytics If We Run the Numbers, Will People Care? Making Better Business Decisions using the Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards Putting Hard Numbers to Soft Investments: Measuring Performance Management Is There a "New War for Talent"? Workforce Planning in 2011 Convert Your Data To Actionable Information with Run Charts and Control Charts Align Total Workforce Performance with Strategic Objectives Numbers That Count: Driving Enterprise Performance Through Human Capital Metrics Quantifying Talent Management: Building a Talent Management Index 2 Workforce Planning & Analytics Surveys 101: Taking Action On Employee Engagement Results Modeling the Organization of the Future: A Cornerstone of Workforce Planning From the Outside In—What Marketing Contributes to Employer Branding and Employee Engagement HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions: Managing People Risks and Opportunities Measuring Employee Performance the Right Way Human Capital Analytics 2.0: Driving TRUE Business Impact 3 4 5
236 Compensation Virtual Workshops Introduction to June 6/7 IHR Compensation Best Practices and Trends Virtual Event Recent Developments in Compensation Analysis Selling More By Incenting Right in the Second-Half Behavioral Pay: The Essence of Talent Management Rewarding The Generation Y Workforce Compensation Paid by Non-Profits A Practical Guide to Developing and Supporting a Highly-Effective Compensation Committee Seeing the Forest Through the Trees:Evaluating Incentive Plan Effectiveness in a Changing Economy Sales Compensation Healthchecks 7 Compensation Virtual Workshops Performance Executive Equity - Global Considerations Principals of Variable Annuity Portfolio Optimization The Hurdles of Compensation Automation and How to Clear Them A Partnership in Next-Generation Contingent Workforce Management Practices Salary Surveys as a Strategic Compensation Tool: How Can Salary Surveys Transform Your Organization Compensation Management Champions Mobile Learning in Action: A discussion on how mobile learning is being used in the work place How to Develop a Global Compensation Strategy Automating your Total Rewards Process – an Innovative Information Strategy 8 Performance Management Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Virtual Workshops Welcome and Introduction to the Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Institute Discover High Performing Companies: How to Reach the Peak of Success The Executive Dashboard: A Data-Driven Approach to Measure Management Effectiveness The Rise and Risks of the Contingent Workforce Where’s The Justice? The Challenge of Fairness in Performance Management Putting Hard Numbers to Soft Investments: Measuring Performance Management Assessing Contingent Workforce Program Performance Where’s The Justice? The Challenge of Fairness in Performance Management Where’s The Justice? The Challenge of Fairness in Performance Management Performance Reviews: Scrap ‘Em, or Fix ‘Em? The Talent Revolution: How HR Can Change Corporate America High-Impact Performance Management: Redesigning PM for the Modern Workforce The Carrot AND the Stick: New Mentoring Technologies Create All-in-One Tool Independent Contractors & Temporary Workers: How to Avoid Common Legal Pitfalls Where’s The Justice? The Challenge of Fairness in Performance Management Taking your MSP Globally How to Build an Employee and Team Performance Measurement System 9 Performance Management Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange Virtual Workshops PM Simply Isn't Simple - Let's Be SMART; Post The Economic Crisis and iPad It's A New World Align Total Workforce Performance with Strategic Objectives VMS Change Management: Tips to Survive and Thrive Before, During and After a Rollout 360 Feedback: The Art and Science of Use and Design Fifth Generation Performance Management The New Age of Co-Employment Gaining A Competitive Advantage Through Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies Measuring Employee Performance the Right Way Outsource vs. Insource: Is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Necessary? Using 360 Feedback in Performance Management: The Debate and Decisions Mapping your Performance and Talent Management Strategy for Results Using LinkedIn & Social Media For Better Recruiting Of Contract/Contingent Workers: 10 11 12
2413 Online Staffing & Sourcing Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources - Online Staffing & Sourcing EEOC Compliance Requirements in the Recruitment and Selection Process Holistic Staffing: From Needs Analysis to “Welcome Aboard” Social Media Recruiting – The Game Changer The Top Ten Trends for Background Checks in 2011 The Four A’s of Recruitment Advertising: How to Track Results and Make the Most of Your Budget Background Screening 101: Searching that Makes Sense A Valid, Reliable & Legally Defensible Approach to Screening & Rank Ordering Job Applicants Using Analytics to Judge the Cost Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Dollars 14 Online Staffing & Sourcing The Talent Marketplace: Putting Supply & Demand Together Learn How You Can Get Top Talent From Your Outside Staffing Agencies Reference Checking REBORN: Understanding the Emerging Technology of Reference Checking 2.0 Direct Marketing and Recruiting – Improve Your Candidate Quality Mastering Peer-to-Peer Recognition The Power of Alumni Programs 15 Conducting Painless Performance Evaluation Meetings Using Workforce Analytics to Avoid Discriminatory HR Practices & Foster a Diverse Inclusive Culture The Future of BI Intelligence:" Predictive and Correlated” Workforce Predictions 16 View: Onboarding Onboarding "Four-Thought": 4 Steps to Success, 4 Myths and 4 Key ROI Points Onboarding 101 Onboarding Millenial New Hires 17 18 19
2520 21 22 Reference Checking Redefined: Better Hires Through Predictive, Online Reference Checking 23 Facing the Onslaught: Practical Strategies for Securing and Retaining Talent in Tough Economic Time The Cultural Fit Factor: How to Attract, Retain and Repel the Right Employee Strategic Value of Total Workforce Analytics 24 25 26
2627 28 Learn and Connect: Essential Tools for Training in the Non-Profit Sector It’s 2011, Do You know Where Your New Hires Are? Part II 29 Using Incentives to Drive Behavior 30 Five Things to Do Before You Leave for Vacation 1 2 3
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