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May 2011 Virtual Conference Webcast
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1725 26 Uncover the Myths and Truths about Outsourcing Payroll Getting it Right the First Time: Challenges and Remedies to Focal Compensation Planning Secrets to Sourcing: Are You Finding the Best Candidates on the Internet 27 Talent Management 2011 Conference Fund your Talent Management initiatives with Hiring and Training Incentives By the Numbers: 4th Annual Benefits Trends Report Summary 28 Finding Your Next Candidate on LinkedIn and Twitter Excellence in Employee Engagement Measurement and Linkage to Organizational Performance 29 30 1
182 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Virtual Workshops Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Virtual Workshops Introduction to IHR Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Introduction to Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Managing Employee Benefit Strategis in this Changing Enviroment Best Practices in Managing Leaves of Absence Building Strengths vs. Fixing Weaknesses: Overcoming the Lure of the Wrong Choice How Do Your Leaders Measure Up? Results from DDI's Global Leadership Forecast 2010 | 2011 How to Increase Key Employee Benefits Without Increasing Corporate Costs Risks and Rewards of Placing Employee Benefits Systems in the Cloud Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace Leading HUNGRY Teams The Link Between Worker Productivity and Health Care Costs The Problem with Communication During Open Enrollment Developing World-class Business Leaders in Emerging Markets: Strategic Challenges and Opportunities “Talking With The Big Dogs: How HR Professionals Can Sound More Executive” The Class Act Benefits Brokers: Trusted Adviser or Golf Buddy? Embedding Accountability and Ownership in Your Organization 3 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Virtual Workshops Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities Virtual Workshops Strategic Planning in the New World of Health Benefits Phased Retirement… Can we? Should we? Empathic Listening Results in Effective Communication Career Coaching: Maximize the Power of Your People HR Technology Checklist: How to Find the Best Technology to Help Your Clients Manage Benefits Online Give Your Leadership Strategy an Audit Activating the Power of Employee Engagement What Do We Wo with Mamma? Why Long Term Care Insurance? Reflective Practice: The Power Tool for Growing Leaders through Real Workplace Experience Bridging the Communication Gap of a Multi-Generational Workforce Best Practices For Managing FMLA Leaves High-Deductible Health Plans - Pitfalls and Promises Applying Emotional Intelligence -- Why Successful Leaders Need This Critical Skill 4 5 Learning Management Systems: What’s the Right Strategy for Your Organization? Delivering Business Insight and Value through Workforce Planning Online Recruiting Like You’ve Never Seen It 6 7 8
199 10 How to Successfully Launch Enterprise Workforce Planning Flawless Consulting; A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used 11 Building a WOW Recognition Culture Seeing Through the Clouds: A Guide to Software as a Service (SaaS) for HR Executives 12 How to Improve Quality-of-Hire and Efficiency using Web 2.0 Reference-Checking 13 14 15
2016 17 Creating a Culture of Well-Being 18 19 Integrated Talent Management Virtual Workshops Opening Remarks Is There a New ‘War for Talent’? Workforce Planning in 2011 Finding Tomorrow's Leaders Today The Role of Surveys in Talent Management, and Key Integration Points Best Practices in Integrated Talent Management The Role of the Employee in Talent Management If You Build It, Will They Come? How To Create User Adoption Of HR Software Applications The Role of Assessments in Talent Management, and Key Integration Points 20 Integrated Talent Management Virtual Workshops Aligning Career Planning and Integrated Talent Management The Future of Social Networks with Integrated Talent Management The Role of Analytics in TM and Key Integration Points Aligning your Integrated Talent Management Initiatives to Business Results Aligning Recognition Programs with Talent Management Strategies Competencies: Foundation of ITM. Retaining the Right Talent Using Integrated Talent Management Programs 21 22
2123 24 Been There, Done That… Now What? Where We’ve Been & What’s Next in Healthcare Being Truly Prepared for an LMS Implementation: 25 Managing a Workforce without Borders It’s 2011. Do You Know Where Your New Hires Are? 26 "Marriage" of Values & Compliance: Building a More Productive Workplace While Minimizing Legal Risk Medicare Coordination Made Easy Managing Health Care Costs in an Uncertain Environment 27 28 29
2230 31 Linking Talent Management Strategy to Business Strategy Candidate Analytics Unleashed 1 Workforce Planning & Analytics If We Run the Numbers, Will People Care? Making Better Business Decisions using the Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards Putting Hard Numbers to Soft Investments: Measuring Performance Management Is There a "New War for Talent"? Workforce Planning in 2011 Convert Your Data To Actionable Information with Run Charts and Control Charts Align Total Workforce Performance with Strategic Objectives Numbers That Count: Driving Enterprise Performance Through Human Capital Metrics Quantifying Talent Management: Building a Talent Management Index 2 Workforce Planning & Analytics Surveys 101: Taking Action On Employee Engagement Results Modeling the Organization of the Future: A Cornerstone of Workforce Planning From the Outside In—What Marketing Contributes to Employer Branding and Employee Engagement HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions: Managing People Risks and Opportunities Measuring Employee Performance the Right Way Human Capital Analytics 2.0: Driving TRUE Business Impact 3 4 5
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