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March 2012 Virtual Conference Webcast
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927 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program TLNT Transform Talent Management Conference 2012 HR Information Systems: Audits, Compliance and Risk Management Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources HRIS Virtual Event Enhancing Security by Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication Right Compensation Plan + Wrong Sales Talent = Declining Revenue Results Measuring Talent Management by Building the Employee Gap Analysis© Detecting White Collar Criminal Minds: Reducing Exposure to Risk Aligning Talent with Rewards – You need solutions, not more technology Speaker Training on 2012-02-27 Web 2.0 Caution! Using Social Networking Sites and Search Engines to Recruit and Screen Applicants Using Advanced Document Management to Create a Comprehensive Electronic Employee File 28 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Speaker Training on 2012-02-28 Introduction to IHR Benefits, Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risk Smart Strategies for Reducing Intermittent FMLA Leave Navigating the Road Ahead ONE Benefit that Can Reduce Employee Absenteeism and Increase Company Profitability Plan Fee Disclosure: Are You Ready? Navigating Healthcare Reform: Pay or Play? Retaining Your Top Talent Hottest new benefit- Discount Shopping 29 Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits and Legal Risks Health Care Reform: 2012 and Beyond: The Courts, the Congress and the Cabinet What Got Us Here… Won’t Get Us There. Measuring what Matters in Staffing and Talent Management. Medical Travel for Self Funded Employers Speaker Training on 2012-02-29 Fee Focus and Frenzy Key Practices for Building a High Potential Strategy Benefits Reporting and Disclosures...Are You in Compliance? Staying in Compliance with FMLA Regulations: An Advanced Perspective Designing Custom Executive Education Programs Medicare Options For The Active Employees Over Age 65 And Retirees 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program Social Media and Employee Communications Introduction to the Institute For Human Resources Social Media and Employee Communication Are Independent Contractors Worth The Risk? The Jericho Myth: Managing Comms Functions As The Walls Between Internal And External Tumble Down People Insights 2.0: Opportunity at the Confluence of Workforce Intelligence and Social Analytics Progress Driven Leadership: Essential Principles for Elevating Engagement and Boosting Performance The Cultural Fit Factor, How to Attract, Retain and Repel the Right Employee Speaker Training on 2012-03-01 Empowering Wellness Coordinators to Change Lives and Organizations “How to Communicate the Brain-friendly Way: Ways to Engage, Not Upset People You Want to Influence” A Social Media Approach to Employee Engagement Research Mysteries Removed From Social Media: A View Through The Competency Lens How to Run an Active, Engaged Facebook Page 2 Social Media and Employee Communications 8 Steps to Clear Communication DIY Social Media Monitoring: How to Keep Tabs On Social Media Without Breaking The Bank Social Media Analytics - How and What to Measure Empower Employees as Brand Ambassadors on Social Media to Promote Your Products, Services and Brand 10 Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy Digital Team Building Games The “Human Factor” in HR Communication: How to Use Social Media to Share Your Company's Stories Social Performance Management 3 4
105 Workforce Management: Time and Attendance Introduction to Institute for Human Resources Workforce Management – Why you need to be involved An Introduction to Mobile Recruitment The Times Are A-Changin’: How workforce management must evolve for the future Mobility in Workforce Management: Opening the door for benefits beyond simply WFM mobility Reduce your compliance risk with workforce management The Power of Workforce Management Analytics and Performance Improvement Speaker Training on 2012-03-05 What is SaaS? Unconventional Wisdom - Breaking Free from Interval Planning Distortions 6 Workforce Management: Time and Attendance Speaker Training on 2012-03-06 How to Be an Authentic Woman Leader What benefits can a 5th generation Workforce Management solution deliver to your organization? Absence Management Best Practices Removing the Hurdles of Time Tracking Identifying the Needs of Those You Lead "My iPhone Shows You Owe Me One Million Dollars!" And Other Wage and Hour World Surprises 3,2,1 WFM Breakthrough Time and Attendance Tracking for Mobile Employees, in Real-Time 7 The Power of Benefit Integration: Increasing Employee Engagement and ROI Speaker Training on 2012-03-07 Power in Numbers: HR and the Bottom Line Workforce Management - Not Just Cost Control 8 Technology Enabled Learning Welcome to the Institute for Human Resources – Technology Enabled Learning. Hi Training! You Look Different Today. Where's the Gift? Harnessing the Power of Feedback Customizing Personality Assessment to Predict Job Success and Leadership Potential 7 Tips that Guarantee your Employees Will Learn More from eLearning The Gamification of Learning 9 Technology Enabled Learning Capturing the Behaviors of the eLearner for Analysis and Evaluation How Games Can Improve Learning and Performance Mobile Training: The Learner on the Move Distributed eLearning Technology in Your LMS and How It’s About to Change Forever Training in the Cloud: A Good Idea? 10 11
1112 13 Staffing Industry Executive Forum Sales and Social Marketing 101 and Beyond - Event 1 The Role of Content Marketing in SEO, Social Media and your Web Presence Social PR: Rising Above the Noise Online Influence: Are We Over-Stimulated or Under-Whelmed? Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships The Lead Lifecycle Imperative: Increase Revenue Contribution with the New Marketing Model 14 Morphing of Employment-Based Retirement Benefits-BLS Data Speak Speaker Training on 2012-03-14 The Evolution of Reference-Checking into a Strategic Hiring Solution 15 Speaker Training on 2012-03-15 The Power of Wellness Programs: Fact or Fiction 16 17 18
1219 American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Healthcare Leadership Compensation Introduction to the IHR Compensation Virtual Event Is There Hidden Liability in Your Compensation System? Identifying and Eliminating Pay Inequity Workforce Analytics & Planning: Insights and Practice Leveraging Human Capital Financial Statements Taking Stock: Getting the Most Value from Equity-Based Compensation The Top 10 Best and Worst of International Stock Plans How To Say “YES!” When Your System Says “NO!” Successfully Communicating and Implementing the Compensation Plan The Next Generation of Talent Management Strategy: Pay For Talent Zooming in on Compensation Data—A Guide to BLS Data for Human Resources Professionals 20 Compensation Mentor Program or Mentor Culture - What works the best? How Effective Are Your Pay Programs? The Ripple Effect of Integrated Compensation Management: The “Secret Sauce” to Strategic Value GPS for Compensation Management Performance Management: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Tracking Wage Changes - Data From The Bureau of Labor Statistics Complexity Simplified. Why Leading Companies Are Investing in Sales Performance Management Solutions 21 The Net Net of Net Geners Speaker Training on 2012-03-21 The Mindful Workplace: Creating a More Effective & Engaged Workplace How much is your organization really spending on Payroll and HR administration? How to Build a Team Culture in Today’s Dispersed Workforce 22 Quality of Hire Introduction to Quality of Hire Virtual Event Best Practices in Managing and Analyzing Services Procurement Spend Show Me The Money! Choosing A Pre-Employment Assessment Partner Maintaining Compliance in Employment Screening How To Avoid 5 Hiring Practices That Can Land You In Court Best Practices in a Base Background Screening Package Speaker Training on 2012-03-22 Best Practices in International Background Screening for Today’s Transnational Organizations How to Improve Quality-of-Hire with Reference-Checking Perfect Vision: HR in 2020 - Own the Future Today The Leaders’ Roadmap for Selecting & Managing Change & Innovation in Chaotic Times Navigating Social Media & Mitigating Risk: Understanding the Impact of Social on the Hiring Process 23 Quality of Hire Impacting Hiring Quality: Online Job Simulation Assessment for Selection Beyond Reference Checking & Interview Debrief Video Interviewing: Finally Everything You Wanted to Know, Answered! Beyond Skills Assessment: Identifying Candidates Who Truly Fit Top 7 Employment Screening Benchmarks Every HR Professional Should Know How to Find Good Talent Among an Increasing Volume of Candidates Grading & Adjudication and EEO Law Show me the money! Measurable ROI Using Pre-Employment Assessments 24 25
1326 Improving Inefficient Payroll Systems - Facts you Should Know Addressing Employee Stress, Health, Costs & Productivity: New Evidence-based Solutions for Employers 27 Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to Inspire, Motivate and "Engage" Employees How To Become An ANTHROPOMAXIMOLOGIST And Why! 28 Trends in High-Volume Hiring Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Key Practices for Leadership Development HCM sans frontièrs: Managing your global workforce 29 Will Cloud Computing Rain on Your Talent Parade? Using HR Technology to Make Non-Profit Talent Management a Reality Speaker Training on 2012-03-29 The Future of Learning Utilizing a Six Sigma Approach to Reduce Unwanted Turnover 30 HR Star Conference Los Angeles Speaker Training on 2012-03-30 31 1 Organization Development, Leadership and Change Certificate Program
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